I’m Going Global.

I’m not sure where else to share this but my blog is my blog and so I guess this is as a good a place as any.

For the past few weeks I have been sorting out a few issues with my books that I published almost a decade ago. A few people wanted to order my teen novel and because I have been distracted by family issues, relocating and my own health issues and surgeries I have only this year been able to track down where things are at.

I’m so pleased that my teen novel is still on file at the Australia National Library and in a number of school libraries down the east coast of Australia but the contact and purchase details are out of date. In the same short few weeks a friend contacted me for the link for to purchase my poetry book.

Along with my distributor I have been busy sorting everything out. With the teen novel I have decided to conscentrate on having the copyright page rewritten to include the correct contact details. It will be soon available worldwide but more importantly school librarians and teachers will have the updated listing in the National Library under the topic’s references. This was my desire when I first wrote the book on eating disorders and have in the past received positive feedback from teachers and readers alike.

As for my poetry book, it’s about to go to reprint and it’s Print on Demand status will be a big plus. The company is making it available globally as well. Now this I’m hugely excited about.

In 2012 my father told me that he would have liked to have seen more of my mother’s poetry published. (I had included 6 of her poems in my poetry book) It took me months to sort through what she had hand written but I finally managed to gather enough for publishing. If enough copies sold I would probably recoup some of my out of pocket expenses but I was just pleased to see Dad happy. Mum’s book is already globally available.

I may not be a renown or popular author and I definitly won’t be getting rich from  my writing but I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to publish and go global with what I enjoy doing.

I think I’m in the rules here with 3 links on this blog post. If you would like to check out the links and/or share them I would really appreciate it.

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