7 thoughts on “Highly Recommended

    • Skoobebooks do POD. I sold the most copies of my books back when I originally published them through an Australian company. I personally did a huge sales pitch with books launches, advertising and canvassed for speaking appointments. I sold over 5,000 copies with my first book and about 2,000 of my poetry book.

      The Australian company no longer existed so I went to Skoobebooks but did relaunched my updated books just this half of 2018. I havent checked sales since the relaunches but it’s only been a few months.

      I bought a dozen or so at authors priceand sold them for the RRP but I haven’t done much else this time.

      What’s interesting is the assistance I received step by step with Skoobebooks and they have set up orders world wide. To be honest I really just wanted my books to stay available.

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