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Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secret


This is a novel about a girl who, at the brink of going too far, learns from her mistakes and from witnessing the devastating effects to those who crossed the line.

Note: Out-dated language has been revised  for the modern teen reader.

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To Lose a Friend

It’s hard to lose a friend…
We had something,
Then it was gone…
My heart hurts.

What happen between us?
I simply do not know.

It’s hard to lose a friend…
Did I hurt you?
What did I do?
My heart hurts.

Our friendship was special,
Until it up and left.

It’s hard to lose a friend…
Whose fault is it?
Perhaps it’s mine—
My heart hurts.

I would never intend to hurt,
Surely you would know.

It’s hard to lose a friend…
I don’t know why,
It just happened—
My heart hurts.

It’s hard to lose a friend,
Especially – when you don’t know why.

© Chrissy Siggee