Promises in the Rainbow

Rainbow colours, glorious,

melt into scenic views –

Radiant through softened glow,

creating all things new.


Freshness lingers past the rain,

embracing nature’s charm –

God’s vibrant promises still proclaimed

with tender hues of calm.


Sunbeams gently stroke my face,

and Heaven’s warmth abides –

My spirit yearns for His embrace

and peace His touch provides.


He gently soothes a hurting heart,

and wipes away each tear –

With healing words, my grief departs

and sorrows disappear.


Assurance fills my life again –

beyond the clouds I see

Dreams and visions to explore

with joyful heart that’s free.


Humbly now I worship my King,

fresh tears of joy I own.

With new words I begin to sing,

giving Him my life to hone.

© Chrissy Siggee

From my book   Glimpses of His Glory    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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