The Great Australian Drought

The fresh smell of damp earth is no longer

Air thick with red dust sweeps across the plains

Creek beds and dams completely dried up

Deep crevices formed like lightning bolts in the earth

Sheep and cattle wander – struggling for survival

Farmers open gates to their withered crops

while we city-dwellers have our fill.


Children play in the shade of Coolabah trees

where temperatures are of little difference –

Families battle against all odds to save their land

Determination and courage reveal their Aussie spirit

Household overdraughts rise beyond all revenue

Farmers are fraught by the burden of debt

Requests for assistance, shatters their humble pride.


An unrestrained sun blazes mercilessly

Occasional clouds overhead constrain their moisture –

Flies stick and infest the cut-price saleyards

Stock owners livelihoods plundered and rorted

Gone are the days of cattlemen and their droving

Greener pastures no longer exist in this dry barren land

Australia, why do we ignore their anxious plight?


Suicides are frequent in this desperate land

Every four days a man takes his life

Outback families weep – completely torn by grief

Livelihoods shattered by troubled times

Land owned for generations – now in ruins

How dire must the life of the Aussie battler be?

A nightmare has replaced their great Aussie dream.


Open the heavens and send down the rain

Fill our dams and drench our dry thirsty land

Refresh our rural regions with life-filled rains

Bring hope and life to struggling families

Restore to this nation a sense of mateship

For God, if this drought continues into another day,

the true-blue Aussie will be lost forever.


©   Chrissy Siggee  24thOctober 2006

Although written in 2006, I feel that this is relevant today.

On 12 Apr 2018 at 2:40pm this statment was released on the ABC: Seasonal conditions are worsening across 90 per cent of New South Wales, and some farmers are forking out up to $10,000 a week to maintain livestock.

4 thoughts on “The Great Australian Drought

  1. Everyone…yes, EVERYONE – not just Christians – needs to be on their knees before God, pleading for rain. Wouldn’t hurt if the Australian government called for a national day of prayer.

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