COmE, dANce WiTh mE

Dancing couples enhanced my mood,

Lights dimmed and music subdued.


This man intrigued me – he sat alone

Rumours had him single and smart

Perhaps he’d consider a dance with me ~


He looked at me, I looked away

Doubt disappeared – I met his gaze

He smiled at me – I think I blushed

Was it possible – was he the one?


He rose from his chair and strolled my way

I sat quite still, frozen in time

Preoccupied with sweet fantasies –


With a princely bow he took my hand

His eyes spoke volumes; I rose to dance

A foretaste of our love and romance.




Daydreams mingled with our dance,

Nothing ever happens by chance.


We married young – knew nothing of life

We lived simply and loved each other

We knew we could dance without a doubt ~


We dreamed our dreams, I knew your heart

Through the years we danced as one

We learned to commit  – we cherished our love

To Dance with you – for a lifetime, no less!


We nurtured our dance and learnt new moves

From hip hop kids to break dance teens

discovered and danced every routine –


You showed me how to refine our dance

With true love – the order of each day

We progressed to classical ballet.




The sands of time continue to flow,

Neither age nor pain will end this dance.


We danced yesterday. We danced today

We’ll dance tomorrow, this dance of life

Bad years are few—but we took that chance –


Your true commitment never fails

because you dance with a patient heart

You love me the way I am – I know

Always have – right from our first dance!


In the stillness of the night, you hold me

For always – I want to dance with you

Devotion and love are ours – it’s true ~


A life time of memories stir from within

Our dance is still to the highest degree

Because I accepted – and you danced with me.



© Chrissy Siggee


Dedicated to my husband of 37 years. Always the romantic. Always in love.

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