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So, today my 27 inch Apple Mac’s hard drive finally died. I’ve bought it back in 2011 and knew it backwards and inside out, right down to the downloaded Photo Impressions App I use to added copyright and poems to my photographs for Riverside Peace.

I can’t afford a replacement PC so I have transferred every thing I needed to my Microsoft Surface Thingy. Yeah, I know. I need to work out how to use it.

The only thing I didn’t get to move across from the Mac was the Photos Impressions App and I can’t find one like it I on Google Search. I’d love some advice on where I to find the App or one like it. It was a free download and I’ve used it since 2011 and updated it when needed. I can’t recall the exact name for that particular app only “Impressions”.

All suggestions appreciated.


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  1. So sorry you’ve got this computer problem. I rely completely on my MacBook and iPad for all my writing, so I really do understand XXXXX

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  2. buy a new SSD and reinstall the OS. there are plenty of YouTube vids that will show you how o do it I thought my old MacBook Pro died once again but I think I was wrong and I can reboot it back to life once again.

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    • We took it to the apple store. The hard drive is completely dead. To replace it we would have to take it into the city to a non Apple repairer who might have one on hand which would cost around $500. Apple don’t make them anymore. It’s obsolete and we can’t afford a new one even the smaller size. We had to retire it because we can’t afford a new one on a pension.


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