ATTENTION FOLLOWERS Tuesday Reblog changes!

Hello Followers,

With my recent crisis with my long time friend (27″ Apple PC) I’ve been busy getting to know my ‘Microsoft Surface Pro’ because it will be my only computer. I’m loving many of the advantages of this new device but there’s also some disadvantage such as I can no longer open multiple pages and links side by side (well I could but I don’t have microscopic vision) which was heaps easy when creating Tuesday Reblogs.

So….I’ve decided I will change Tuesday Reblogs to Tuesday Blog Promotion. Instead of promoting my favourite post for the week, I’ll be promoting an entire blog that I follow.

Don’t forget: Riverside Peace is an Award Free Blog and I won’t be setting up another Award. Tuesday Blog Promotion will be my way of showing appreciation to my followers. There’s nothing for you to do to earn the promotion. Just simply keep blogging the way you do.

Chrissy at Riverside Peace

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