In the Silence

Sweet solitude of silence
Brushes against my soul—
With a touch of His presence,
He brings rest to my bones.

Verses of faith drift through me,
Soothing battered senses—
Inspired in the silence,
He captivates my heart.

God’s Holiness bathes me,
Tender anointing falls—
In compassion He gives me
His peace in the silence

Gems of joy, whispered hope,
Shown in His love and grace
Consoling in the silence…
He kisses away my tears.

© Chrissy Siggee – 2019

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12 thoughts on “In the Silence

  1. Chrissy – this is beautiful! It reminds me of the sense of protection and calmness I received on my way into a medical test. If it’s ok I’ll share it here – thanks for the likes at DailyBiblePrayer.
    Thank You Father for the sunlight on my face

    for the power that I feel as I am entering this place

    of unknown futures that await and lie ahead

    my thoughts become confused and I sense a sense of dread

    but my spirit soars over victories I see:

    all the many times You fought and won the day for me

    I am clothed with a power that I’m confident outlasts

    whatever satan throws at me, whatever evil blast

    might try to distract me from the peace I know you give

    and the confidence and trust I’ve placed in You the while I live

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