We’re Stranded.

We have traveled north to finalise details with our new home only to be stranded with road closures and fires to return back to Sydney for the last few weeks before the removal truck arrives. We are safe and this is our evacuation point if the alarm is given. There’s a lot of smoke and ash at times throughout the day but we cope with it. 😉

Please keep those who are now homeless or still in danger in your prayers.


9 thoughts on “We’re Stranded.

    • Thank you. It’s a miracle that there wasn’t more people killed Thousands of people up and down the coast are still in valuation centres this morning, so too are hundreds of horses and pets are being cared for by volunteers at showgrounds.


    • Thanks Derrick. Most fires have been down graded today but winds are still on the forecast that may flare up cinders. We’ll stay another night and head back tomorrow if the situation continues to be downgraded.

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