Meet my Adopted Koala

Barrington Xavier is in permanent residence at the Koala Hospital due to his eye injuries. As you can see he is doing well despite being totally blind. I was very impressed to see Barrington Xavier thriving in the care of the hospital staff and volunteers when I visited the hospital recently .


🐨 Koala Antics

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  1. Train injures are actually not common. Injuries can because from gum tree logging; crushed in the felled tree and forcing koalas out of their habitat on to roads and often attacked by dogs in peoples backyards. Also, glaucoma is a common decease that can causes poor or no vision so they are vulnerable for all forms of injuries possibilities.

    Unfortunately, with all the koala protections out there, the government is yet to control logging where Koalas are living and logging companies don’t seem to care.

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