Autumn Evenings

Cooler evenings have brought me indoors earlier than usual.


I also needed a challenge.20200505_181924

Just an hour or three each evening.


Sometimes I found only a couple of pieces for the right place.


Other times I was finding pieces far to quickly.


It only took a week. Now I need another challenge.


Archived in Photography by Chrissy for Riverside Peace

6 thoughts on “Autumn Evenings

  1. It is a good time passer and keeps the brain working.

    Hubby tried to help but I think he’s colour blind 😉 his help was to put all windows in a heap away from every other piece.

    I think I will try for 500 piece puzzles next only because the 1000 piece puzzles don’t fit to well on the table.

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  2. The last several years, I’ve gotten back into puzzles, after not doing them since my youth. Well, I do one or two a year. But with recent COVID-19 circumstances, my husband and I did two. I must say, we are quite slow at it. Your puzzle has so much “sameness” and if it is 1000 pieces, that would take us 2-3 weeks, not one! Any puzzle tips?

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