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Well, hello to you too and thank you for dropping by. 🙂

Let me tell you a short story behind Riverside Peace and why I named it so. Yes, it is the official website of Australian author Chrissy Siggee but it’s the whole me.

At the time of creating my blog my husband and I lived and previously lived not far from a river. The closest river from our new home now is still just a short drive away but there are quite a few rivers really. Rivers have always inspired my writing and I’ve spent hours taking in the solitude at a river side and photographing the source of my inspirations. Not only do we have a river close by but there are numerous beaches, country drives, a zoo and the Koala Hospital – all to inspire any writer or photographer. With the Covid-19 restrictions and closures, I can only work with archived photos. 🙂

Gardening has always been a relaxing hobby and has always inspired my writing and my prayer life. Let me leave you with a favourite song of mine.



I just want to welcome all new followers in the past few month. I do appreciate all 700 followers.

I found my last welcome post that was made 5 months ago, shortly after I reached 600. I guess, that’s not too long ago. 🙂

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Riverside Peace as an award free blog. Your visits and comments are thanks enough.

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Archiving my less popular writings

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A Joint Affair

Because Norm had a bigger puzzle to put together ie a coffee table in a flat pack, I sorted the jigsaw puzzle edges and divided the water, mountain and sky pieces from the rest.

There was nothing on TV after tea so we worked side by side and almost completed half before bedtime.20200610_225350

The next sitting we completed it. All done. Now where’s the new 1000 piece parcel?…


My Desire

Words of truth, words so pure,
Gentle words in sweetest song
Kindest thoughts that touch the heart,
A strong desire to seek his will.

Blowing gently as a breeze,
His Spirit fills my deepest needs;
I can always dare to hope—
A deep longing to know His will.

Holy lives in holy ways,
To live in truth of love and peace;
Deep desires to learn His truth
Knowing I will find His will.

Moving freely in His Grace,
His Spirit leads me all the way;
Should I dare to hope, I know
He will guide me into His will.

© Chrissy  Siggee


From my book: Glimpses of His Glory



Special Places and Great Memories #5

Groups kanga

Salamander Bay, just north of Newcastle New South Whales, Australia

swan 1

Great Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo New South Whales, Australia.


Richmond River New South Whales, Australia.


The Butterfly House Coffs Harbour mid-north coast New South Whales, Australia.


The Butterfly House Coffs Harbour mid-north coast New South Whales, Australia.

Photography by Norm and Chrissy for Riverside Peace

There’s Nothing Like Fresh Greens

Growing vegetables in pots and tubs is not so bad when they grow like this. To be able to move the pots around also helps to work out the best place to create the permanent vegetable garden come Spring. There’s a lot of shade in the back yard this time of year and we want to grow vegetables in all seasons.

I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace