Me and My Writing….

I don’t care what people say
It’s time to look the other way.
If I want to write – I will
with or without a copyright.

Poems, fiction and mysteries,
for children and adults.
Whatever takes my fancy – oh yeah…
It’s what I like to do.

My grammar may not be perfect
and rhyme is not my forte
But whatever I write –
I write with all my heart.

Grandchildren love my nonsense,
Friends enjoy a jingle.
I only write for them and those
Who enjoy my writing most.

© Chrissy Siggee – 2018

Archived in
Poetry Mix by Chrissy at Riverside Peace

32 thoughts on “Me and My Writing….

    • I dragged this out of my archives as filler why we are busy moving. LOL! it was one of those fun things that just flowed. I don’t think I even edited it.

      New house is safe but looking sad, as do every other property around, with a lot of ash.

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  1. Great post, Chrissy! ❤
    I'm with you on this… there's so much pressure on writers to be 'perfect' and 'flawless' all the time but there is more beauty to be found in those imperfections and blemishes; they're what makes each one of us unique and our writing stand out from the rest…
    To our flawed selves, cheers!

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