I thought this was a writer’s blog.

Well, hello to you too and thank you for dropping by. 🙂

Let me tell you a short story behind Riverside Peace and why I named it so. Yes, it is the official website of Australian author Chrissy Siggee but it’s the whole me.

At the time of creating my blog my husband and I lived and previously lived not far from a river. The closest river from our new home now is still just a short drive away but there are quite a few rivers really. Rivers have always inspired my writing and I’ve spent hours taking in the solitude at a river side and photographing the source of my inspirations. Not only do we have a river close by but there are numerous beaches, country drives, a zoo and the Koala Hospital – all to inspire any writer or photographer. With the Covid-19 restrictions and closures, I can only work with archived photos. 🙂

Gardening has always been a relaxing hobby and has always inspired my writing and my prayer life. Let me leave you with a favourite song of mine.


7 thoughts on “I thought this was a writer’s blog.

  1. Thank you for sharing Chrissy. It is a comfort to know more about you. We share being inspired by nature, though I tend to hike paths in the woods more often than by rivers. With my husband loving fish, the water is never too far off when we go on our adventures 🙂

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    • ahhh… my husband is allergic to seafood and hence taking a view of not wanting those creatures anywhere near him. LOL! there is a funny story I should share but not online anywhere. Me, on the other hand, love fish and fishing and only once…in same story did he eve take me fishing. 🙂

      Just have a good laugh anyway. It was terribly funny.


    • Thanks Ryan. Yes, we holidayed here often over the past 10 years so we new exactly where we wanted to retire and what lifestyle we craved.

      I was visiting family in Newcastle when I “liked” but the internet kept cutting out so my comments wouldn’t send.

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