Gnome Matter What…

This little guy was left on our front porch early Sunday morning. Below the photo you can read the tale behind the gnomes in our little street.

When we first moved into our new little home in December 2019, we found most of the neighbours to be a friendly bunch. A few stopped by to comment on my garden gnomes which were still standing in a group on the edge of the garden awaiting to be placed in their new home. We all had a story about how our gnomes came about.

This little street apparently has mystery gnomes that appear here and there, in other gardens or on peoples door steps. One poor gnome is known to be found laying on the road after Saturday night parties.

I thought nothing more about the gnome tales until I opened our front door on Sunday morning just past. I thought immediately of who the culprit might be but wasn’t completely sure. Sure enough, later in the day the suspect neighbour was walking her dog down the street and I asked her if she knew anything about our gnomely visitor. With a laugh she told me that because of the Covid restrictions, the gnomes had been staying in self quarantine. While doing the right thing they gave each other a complete makeover and repaint ready to play. I wasn’t the only one to have a visitor and he’ll probably go home of his own accord in a day or so.

It might sound silly but you know, it’s sometimes the silly things in life that helps make the world a happier place. There’s one thing that has come out of this gnomey business and that is we have been made to feel truly welcomed here and have been included in the neighbourly gnome games.

After all, it’s a little gnome fact that getting to gnome your neighbours puts a smile on your face.  I really feel at gnome here. – Gnome matter what…. Thank you neighbours and gnomes.


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  1. My neighbors and I actually have a similar rite going on but in our case it is a wall monkey. When I had artists paint murals all the way around most of my house, they complained because I hadn’t had anything painted opposite their kitchen window, which looks right out onto the outside windowless wall of my kitchen. So, when they gifted me with a Christmas present of a ceramic monkey sculpture meant to hang on a wall, I hung it up on my outside wall directly across from their kitchen window. Since then, the monkey has started sprouting “accoutrements”––so far, a little beaded belt. No telling what he will find to adorn himself with in the future.

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