Very Disappointed in WordPress. Not Happy!

Dear WordPress,

Thanks for the unfaithful promise that Classic editor will still be an option. With all the money I pay every year, I am now unable to post as normal. Yes, I can try the new editor and try and try and try and try and try, and try again but I think it’s time to quit while I’m still sane. It won’t even allow me to follow the “new editor format” I have been trying to learn for past months. This new editor is not the new editor I have been practising on. What’s going on?

Your promises that the old editor is available to current and older websites doesn’t appear on my posting preferences. Put it back or refund my yearly subscription.

Dear followers, I apologise that the only interaction will be on your posts….if that’s still possible. The only new daily post you will see is the ones I spend hours on every month to schedule on time in the best edited form I can.

Maybe it’s time to retire. I thought I knew WordPress backward but they are now definitely unreliable and certtainly not trustworthy.


10 thoughts on “Very Disappointed in WordPress. Not Happy!

    • Laura left a comment somewhere (I can’t find where now) She wrote: … you can still use wordpress completely the old way! Just go in through your WP Admin – at the bottom on the left side. After that just click posts, then add new – and it is totally the old way. I have been doing this for a while, because just the minor changes they started with about 1 year ago were too much for me! And a blog post by wordpress also stated that you can continue the old way (classic editor) by going in your WP Admin.

      I checked it out. It’s close enough that I may be able to work it out.

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    • I’m not leaving completely. There’s over 50 scheduled posts still to come. Poetry and photos that I have sat for hours during winter loving every minute putting my heart and soul into every post. I simply don’t have the time to create new posts nor do I have the patience to waste time on anything new. Writing I can handle, putting text boxes, switching boxes and images../. And as for my prepared “links and URLs can’t be used in the new editor. I would have to change every format.

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