Early Bloomers

While watering the garden pots and vegetable plots this morning, I noticed that many early Spring bloomers were sneaking though.

This Hibiscus is just 30cm high yet it’s covered in orange blooms. I can only imagine the spectacular picture it will make in a few years.

This shrub type of Australian Bottlebrush is just 20cm high yet it has it’s first flower plus at least 6 other buds.

Other low growing Australian natives are showing off their first.

Back ground shade bloomers. (the water lilies are fake)

I love these little pink clusters of flowers.

These little red bells have been showing off for at least a month and they’re still blooming. I had to include them.

I don’t know yet when the Frangipani will spring to life but every other one I have seen in the neighbourhood are looking the same. There’s plenty of pansies looking their best and more bulbs are coming up in the mean time. The purple Iris is displaying evidence of what’s to come.

The lavender can’t miss out on the attention.

I need to google some of these bulbs. Many of the tags have faded or blown away with the August winds.

I’ll be sharing more next week. Thanks for stopping by our garden. If you can’t find me, I’ll probably be in the garden.

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