Little White Dove

Rising, falling,
Gliding, flying.

Mantled in whispers of cloud,
Little white dove blissfully endowed.

Rising, falling,
Gliding, flying.

Softy embracing a heavenly tone,
Fly little white dove in skies unknown.

Rising, falling,
Gliding, flying.

Little white dove rise beyond the dance,
Through the power of a rhythmic trance.

© Chrissy Siggee

Archived in
Poetry by Chrissy at Riverside Peace

20 thoughts on “Little White Dove

  1. This is a lovely one. Our tuesday poetic prompt has closed per your conversation with Dwight. You can share this with us on our OpenLinkNight, which scheduled on Thursday next week. Nice to meet you and welcome to our dverse Community.

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  2. Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

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  3. you have to fill in your name on the first line , then copy your blog post address from the top of your post and paste it into the second line. Don’t forget to check the little box . It won;t post unless you do.


  4. I’m thinking of taking up the challenges of d’Verse Poets Pub. I’ll be doing a lot of koala hospital volunteering and koala rescue training in August but I don’t have to except every prompt I suppose. How do I join?

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