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I’ll be doing less writing in January while I master the new WordPress post system using blocks.

However, I will re-post previously short fictional stories for those who missed a few reads. I will also try and read other peoples posts a few times a week and respond to comments.

Short stories will be archived in Children’s Corner Short Fiction and Younger Teens on Riverside Peace.

Enjoy your January reading. 🙂

Goodbye, My Friend

It’s not really a final goodbye, my friend

because I know I’ll see you again.

The times we spent together,

cried and laughed

I will cherish always.


It’s all right now for you to go, my friend

because your many years of pain are over.

Those times we prayed together,

joy and sorrow

I will cherish always.


It’s time for you to be at peace, my friend

because we shared a secret or two.

The chats we often shared,

together and apart

I will cherish always.


It’s not the many years, my friend

because I could always count on you.

Those times I will think of you,

today and tomorrow

I will cherish always.


It’s the beyond tomorrow, my friend

because you will be here, in my heart.

The tears will come and go,

sadness and joy

I will cherish… always.

Poem by Chrissy Siggee

In memory of my dear friend Betty who went home to Jesus on Monday December 14th 2020.

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A Summertime Christmas

I see a lot of winter Christmas posts and they’re all wonderful but I thought some photos of a summer Christmas needs to be shared.

It’s our 2nd Christmas at our new home but because we only moved in a few weeks before Christmas last year we didn’t decorate much.
Simple decorations in a little house can look good too.
Poinsettias are common here too.
Outdoors is where you will find us most days.

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Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secret (the book)

 Apologies: Due to the death of my publisher, the links are no longer available. As soon as I have new links, I will replace them.

🦋  Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secret

JennaFinalFrontCoverIs the story of a girl who, at the brink of going too far, learns from her mistakes and from witnessing the devastating effects to those who crossed the line.

Note: Out of the Shadows – Jenna’s Secret was first published in 2009 and reprinted in 2018 with out-dated language revised for the modern teen reader.

The original cover design by Debbie Sickler, USA has been given a brighter appearance.

The back cover still exhibits a note about the author Chrissy Siggee and an update review by original reviewer Tammy Johnson, a pastor’s wife and teacher from the Northern U.S.

Tammy says: I couldn’t be happier with the latest overall presentation.

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Summer Harvests

We never know what vegetables we’re having for lunch or tea until we harvest.
It’s been like this most days.
Last of the yellow tomatoes from the first planting. There must have been at least 10 containers like this picked to date. This last lot are mostly green but we had to pull the plant out because it was taking over the garden.
The new plant is already a metre high and flowering.
Silverbeet is almost finished but corn and yellow beans are already in and growing.

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