Water, water, everywhere and a whole lot more coming.

As you can see, it’s extremely wet around here. This is the lowest part of the community where we live. We live on the hill side and should be safe from rising waters at least for now.
Who would have thought a view of bush-land would become a water front.
We’re so glad we decided not to buy this house.
We didn’t try and drive down this lane and this is after the flood receded. It’s expected to rise again tonight.
In town the water has subsided a little after the tide went out but the water levels are still claiming the roads and foreshores. Many shops and restaurants had sandbags everywhere.
The building on the right is a maritime museum and the pylons and wharf are also well under water.

We are in a safe place for now with our house situated on higher ground than many others. Some towns north and south of us are under water. Hundreds of people have been left homeless. See some of the latest news updates here:

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