16 thoughts on “Kangaroos

  1. Sorry, I just found this in my spam box.

    One of my problems is that I have a new computer and I have been trialing photo systems that allow texting.

    In saying that, the poem is the main object of the post not the photo. However, I also post most of the photos I use for poetry into my photography category. I post these in groups each Saturday, Sydney time.

    I have also received comments that tell me that if my poems speak for themselves and they don’t need photos.

    Others say the prefer the text over photo.

    It also works as a copyright on the photo.

    I understand what you are saying and I thank you for letting me know your observations.


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  2. I have been taking my own photographs for my picture poetry (as opposed to “borrowing” from the internet) and I try to leave a space in the picture for my words (so my words don’t get in the way of a nice picture). I would love to have seen more Joey here with your words in the foreground to enhance each other. Just a thought from my personal observations.

    Love the words and sentiment – just adding an observation, I am.


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