My Writer’s Prayer

I wrote this back n 2006 and found it while sorting through old USBs. I could change it to My New Year Prayer for all all my followers and those I follow. However, I have decided to leave it with minor editing and hope you consider reading:

My Writer’s Prayer

Guide me, Lord, in the steps according to your will
Lead me to the place I need to be
Show me the road that can only lead to you
Guide me along this path that you have placed before me.

May I truly know your purpose for me.

Teach me, Jesus, that it is not about how fast I grow
Like the trees that grow beside a stream, make me sturdy and strong
Teach me patience to learn as I progress
Show me how to accept critiques and challenges as they come.

May my words flow as blessings in the lives of all who read.

Help me, God, to see the ability in other writers
May I encourage them in their gifts and strengths
Open my heart so I may not only read their words
but hear and feel them through to my very soul.

May I not criticise or frown upon other writers’ works.

Give all writers members world-over a heart for you
Direct them so they may continue to do your will
Give me boldness to see them also as gifts from you
Allow each style to be consecrated, Lord to you.

May I, above all, accept this gift to me.


Chrissy Siggee – 2006

Archived in: 🦋 Christian Reads

10 thoughts on “My Writer’s Prayer

  1. I am taken by your shared prayer. Sharing prayers are very meaningful and powerful in for the current spiritual welfare. Thank you for sharing. Blessings always!

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