5 thoughts on “Stella’s Plight – all 4 Chapters.

  1. A well composed enthralling story. Although I can like your posts I can only comment by closing them first, so it would be helpful if you published the next such sequence individually – then I could comment as we go along

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    • OK. They are listed individually back in 2019. That may be the problem. I’ll check the time frame for commenting first. At the bottom of each post there are “related links” but you should be able to comment on each separately. I will check the original links and work out why that’s not happening. Thanks for letting me know.

      Thanks for reading and your patience. 🙂

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    • I just did a test post-as did Norm on his computer. Norm found that once he commented, he clicked back arrow twice which took him back to chapter listing but yes, comments can be made on individual chapters.

      Can you please test this theory please? If it’s still not working I can re-post original chapters singularly in future.

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      • I think the problem is mine. This didn’t work for me. There are several blogs I follow in which I have to enter e-mail, password, etc. then press send as usual and it doesn’t work. I then close the post, go back to the reader and do it on there. Don’t worry, I just won’t comment on the individual episodes 🙂

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