This is Australia

500 pieces in a tubular box. We referred to a photo I took earlier constantly because the picture on the box was way to small to view. The tiny sections looked like they were printed on woven cloth. The song “This is Australia” kept playing in my head whenever a piece of “Australia” was completed.

We spent a couple of hours sitting and a few walk-by, grab-a-piece, fit into place and move on moments.

We finally succeeded to complete the puzzle on our second sitting. It’s been 12 months since jigsaw puzzles have been a time-passer in our home. Winter months can drag on when there’s not much to do in the garden and days are so short. I have one more puzzle we purchased last year that I haven’t open yet so another similar post will be coming up soon.

I’ve decided to archive this post under: 🦋 Retirement

7 thoughts on “This is Australia

  1. That looks really interesting, Chrissy. I don’t have the patience to do puzzles these days – nor some place to set one up to do. No dining table, only an outdoor setting on the deck, and it’s too bloomin’ cold to do it outside. 🧩🧩

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