Inconceivable Times

So, I’m in the process of regular physiotherapy, a local anesthetic test, Xrays, MRIs and hips surgeon specialist appointments. But, understanding the whats, hows and whys, is double dutch to me. Between the Gluteus Menimus tear and the Medius tendinopathy I’m totally confused. Originally I was told it would at least be one hip replacement, possibly two AND even repairing a torn muscle. I have no idea of what I did but I know that it hurts and no one can give me any intelligible answers. It’s been three months of getting the medical runaround to get to where I am now; totally confused and a lower bank balance. The only thing I understand is the cost at the end of each appointment, pain medications not covered by medicare and uncomfortable night’s sleep. With prolonged sitting, standing, or walking, I’m a hazard to everyone else’s health. Don’t say anything that might give me reason to punch you in the nose.

7 thoughts on “Inconceivable Times

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  2. I know what you’ve previously been through dear Chrissy. Maybe we could just look on the slightly humourous side and say you’re going to have everyone surrounding you with bayonets drawn even more after hip replacement when you go through security at airports. 💖💖

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    • Thanks, Derrick. It’s a frustration I have to live with. Wait time between appointments holds up the process by weeks, sometimes months. With the public system behind schedule due to Covid, I’m better off than those who are still waiting since the first cancellations in February 2020. A private heath fund doesn’t give me priority.

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