Lost – (September is World Alzheimer’s/Dementia Awareness Month)


Tears roll down her sunken cheeks
Sorrow falls from all she seeks
Where have they gone?

Silent weeping, full of dread
Photos stand beside her bed
No longer mean a thing.

Recollections of a lifetime friend
She cannot comprehend
What was her name again?

Misplaced images, shapeless faces
Times past gone, she embraces
Within a puzzled mind—

Unsure of the man beside her lies
Sleep won’t come to heavy eyes
Why can’t she remember?

Dark hours bring loss and sadness
Barely surviving utter madness
Tortures a baffled mind.

Laughter echoes through the day
Someone brought a big bouquet
Who was that nice young man?

Foreign words, vague identities
Now she speaks obscenities
Unable to say things clear—

Caring physicians calm her protests
Guide her through painless tests
Why can’t she tell the time?

Rejecting yet another embrace
To just become another face
Mirrored in her children’s eyes.

© Chrissy Siggee

This poem is dedicated to those who suffer from Dementia,
and to those that have been forgotten.

Archived in: 🦋 Poetry Mix

35 thoughts on “Lost – (September is World Alzheimer’s/Dementia Awareness Month)

  1. This is so sad! I’m very forgetful and always tell my husband I’m so afraid I will one day have alzhimers. My biggest fear is not recognizing my children. My heart goes out to the families that go through this.

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