Good News – Followed by an Upset

The specialist has given me the all clear to begin walking and strengthening my right leg again – but at a slow pace. He gave me a medical certificate to return to light duties where I volunteer at the Koala Hospital. I’ll probably make plans to return in the next week or two. We celebrated at our favourite Tandori Indian restaurant on the way home.

When we arrived home I was checking my emails and found a receipt sent from the nursery we haven’t been to since before the surgery. While phoning them I opened my bank account online to discover that over $2,500 had been withdrawn from our bank account using my visa/debit card for 10 transactions from places we’ve never heard of. This, was all done while we were at the specialist centre and at the restaurant. The emailed receipt was actually “coincidental”and not related to funds but for bonus points received for a transaction paid by the correct person on the correct card. All good there but I don’t believe in coincidents. More likely a God-intervention-instant. I may not have check the account until later in the day if that receipt hadn’t come .

We cancelled the card immediately over the phone. As soon as the card was cancelled, more visa payments hit a dead-end while we were talking on the phone. Bank security hope to hit the source through those transactions.

Unfortunately, even though the 10 amounts were still at “pending” we have to wait up to 6 weeks for our claim to process. 😦 😦

Fortunately, that card account is not our main account but it was our household account for utilities and other household bills, medical bills, and grocery funds etc. Sigh…. We really didn’t need that.

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10 thoughts on “Good News – Followed by an Upset

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  2. Why can’t we have a “Don’t Like” button for posts like this, Chrissy? I definitely don’t like what happened to you and Nom, but God certainly intervened to show you what had happened 🦋💖

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  3. Glad you are ready for light duty as a volunteer at the hospital. So good you checked your debit card and were able to report it while in the act. The results are always much better if the illicit transactions are still coming in. God is working on your behalf!

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