13 thoughts on “Amish Wash Day

    • mmmm…

      I wrote a response and changed it 4 times. How about I leave all five responses and you choose.

      1. I played with the text colour and print for some time but it was the best one I could find.

      2. Amish are private people and wanted to keep some of that privacy.

      3. It’s not the washing you should be looking at.

      4. I usually use photos that I have already shared in my photography section.

      5. Honestly, I have been told this before but those darn Tankas are far too long.

      Number 5 is closer to the truth. I just find the Tankas are boring without a photo. It’s the photos that inspires me when I write Tankas. I’ve written Tankas for less than a year and I’m thinking very seriously that they’re not for me. sigh…

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