Daddy’s Prayer

Sweet golden locks frame her face
where tears flow onto frills and lace—
Fingers clutch a teddy bear
and baby blues reflect despair.
It makes her daddy’s heart break…
My sweet girl, why are you still awake?

Dark shadows dance throughout the night
a trembling voice reveals her fright.
Nightly dreams become a nightmare;
too much for this child to bear.
Invading ogres make her tearful—
Pretty one, please don’t be fearful.

Darkened hours can be quite scary
and sounds of the night make one wary.
Try not to cry my little one,
to be fearful is not fun—
Loneliness makes the hours long.
Prayers to Jesus will make you strong.

Gentle Jesus meek and mild,
please watch over this precious child—
Place loving arms around her Lord.
Our hearts beat with one accord,
give peace, and music to her ears…
Jesus, take away her fears.

Calmness enters, God’s love displayed;
rest in Jesus, all fear will fade.
His love brings peace to your soul—
Know our Father’s in control,
all fear is gone, sleep to restore…
My little princess weeps no more.

© Chrissy Siggee

Archived in: 🦋 Christian Reads

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