My Prayerful Request

My aspiration to grow closer to my God is overwhelming.
Petitions to replenish my dwindling strength fill my heart.
I acknowledge my Lord’s perfection and my own sinful weakness.
Gifts and talents mean nought if He is not the centre of my life.
I am yet to discover the art of losing myself in His presence.

A consciousness of God’s love and presence invigorates my soul.
His majesty and glory penetrates my constantly craving heart.
My spirit rises to new heights of joyfulness and victory.
Even in the face of unanswered prayer, I am full of gratitude.
His divine enablement is sufficient.

I genuinely desire the realisation of my requests, earnestly
I find myself praising the Lord for His splendour and magnificence.
By prayer and supplication, I will make my requests known to God.
He is infinite in holiness and power; I am sinful and weak.
I will pray with assurance knowing the Father does all things well.

Chrissy Siggee © First published 2006

Archived now in: 🦋 Christian Reads | Riverside Peace

5 thoughts on “My Prayerful Request

  1. Father, drawing closer to your heart, our aspirations grow. Being overwhelmed by your love, how our hearts show, how we love you so. Your grace, your mercy, your favor, blesses our hearts so. Our praise, our worship, freely we give to you. Strength my sister, with your peace! In Jesus’ name, I pray!

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