Whisper in the Night

The night is dark. There is no moon. A distant night-bird sings its song. Gentle breaths of wind quiver leaves against a window. Fighting cats hiss and spit, assaulting the quietness and then… abruptly ceases. Barking from some neighbour’s dog echoes away the intruding felines.

Silence returns momentarily before the faint sound of a baby’s cry lingers for just a little while. The dim of the night remains undisturbed.

I close my eyes in expectation for sleep to come. Only silence.

A suppressed whisper infiltrates the peace of the surrounding blackness. My eyes spring open. Alertness returns. ‘What was that’? Again, there is silence. Tied eyes begin to close but it transpires again. ‘That murmur, where’s it coming from?’

This time I lay awake picturing the room around me. Faint outlines of a chair appear as my eyes adjust to the gloom. The whisper returns.

My voice is barely audible. ‘Who’s there?’

I feel strange but I’m not afraid. It’s soothing and not at all alarming. Though faint as it is, I sense an inner stirring. I slide from my bed and feel my way to the window. As I part the curtains I gaze out to the unnatural darkness. Not even a pale glow of a street light can be seen. The world is completely dark and silent. ‘What is this?”

Again, the whisper comes, this time from within my soul.  ‘Pray for those who do not know me for darkness will fall upon those who do not heed my call. The day will soon be here and time is running out. I need my children to plead for the lost so they will find the light. Don’t wait my child because lives are being lost to darkness every single moment. I have made you for a purpose. Through prayer you will know my will. I have given you a gift that can only be used to reveal my glory.’

The whisper fades to a hush and the world outside comes faintly into focus. I look up to the heavens where stars begin to shimmer. The sounds of the night return to my ears. Leaves rustle with the wind re-stirring. I turn and fall on my knees and weep for a world of lost sinners to see His light.

© Chrissy Siggee

Archived in: 🦋 Christian Reads

21 thoughts on “Whisper in the Night

  1. Nice – I’m in an insomnia group right now and several of us have used prayer as a way to make the most of our time awake at night. You voice it beautifully.

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    • Not sure why it didn’t work especially since you were able to comment. mmmm…that’s actually happened to me if I have like a number of posts immediately after each one- on one blog or many.

      Thanks for your touching comment.

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      • Aha! I’ve worked it out: for some reason, I wasn’t signed in to WordPress. As soon as I did, the star appeared! There may be other causes, too, as you have already found. For example, I can never leave a “like” on my daughter in law’s posts – it just doesn’t work because she uses another host (or something technical, like that)! XXXXX

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