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Just a reminder – I really do appreciate being nominated for various blog awards however I will continue to keep Riverside Peace as an award free blog. Your visits and comments are thanks enough.

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Thank you for your understanding. – Chrissy

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18 thoughts on “Riverside Peace – Award Free Blog

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      I know how it works and I understand but honestly, I rather work in other ways to promote my blog – in my time. I write because I love to write and I write as often as time allows. However, time to write is often difficut to find and the work involved with every nomination restricts that time further. (I’m sorry if that sounds selfish)

      Between August 2018 and December 2018, I was nominated 9 times and with each nomination I thanked those who nominated me. (and will do with any future nominations)

      Yes, it would be nice to see 10,000 followers on my blog but I wouldn’t be able to appreciate what they may contribute and what they post.

      Tuesday reblogs is one small way I can show my appreciation to other bloggers.

      Thanks again. – Chrissy

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      • It’s not selfish at all – I totally understand. I have started wondering whether it is worth doing award posts as I have noted that it takes up a lot of time answering the questions, finding others to nominate, and then coming up with questions for them.
        You just do what you feel the Lord/Yehovah wants you to do.

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