21 thoughts on “Whispers in the Breeze

    • Thanks Lynn. I have often read about haiku and was encourage by my mentor (has passed on now) on one that I wrote…6 verses but the 5th didnt quite work he said. He suggested I changed that verse to make it a perfect haiku. I had no idea what he talking about. I just wrote it how it came to me. lol I guess I’m a “write as I feel” poet and love to compliment the words with a photo or drawing that draws it all together. Thanks for your time and thought you put into your comment. Much appreciated.

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  1. Free Verse. There’s a lot to say here. Most modern poets write it and it’s anything but free. As in speech, its patterns depend on meaning, sound and the natural rhythms of the language. The old regular rhythms with probable end-rhymes had been done to death by the end of the 19th century . For poetry to BEZZ

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