A remembered this one while beachcombing recently.

Psalm 103:1 tells us that “Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.”

A recent visit by the coast had me reminiscing about the days spent writing my first book. As I breathed in the seaside freshness, it stimulated the desires that once beckoned me to explore the dream. Pale pink clouds caressed the sunrise like a morning hug. Birds sang praises to welcome the dawn.

My thoughts reached out as in a dream, capturing a peace within my soul. While the sun elevated slowly into a glowing sky, words surged forth like a shifting stream. My fingers moved quickly to keep up with the flow of thoughts. My heart was overwhelmed by the outpouring of phrases previously unknown. There’s something about the break of day that gives freshness to the mind and releases expression onto a page.

Immersed in my writing, I was still aware of the increasing brightness filling the sky beyond the open window, but I was also conscious of the glow within my inner being. If there is ever a place I feel in harmony with God, it’s when I’m absorbed in writing. To not write would create an empty cavern in my life.

My desire is to praise Him through words inspired by creation. My hopes and dreams rest in knowing that He is the only one I need to bring joy and delight.

Father, let Your Word penetrate my soul. You are the author of my faith. Allow me, Lord, to bring joy and delight to your heart in return. May the words I write be inspired by your love and grace. Amen.

© Chrissy Siggee 2012

Scripture Verses used are from the New International Version of the Bible

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30 thoughts on “Praise

  1. I can totally relate to this. I write my daily blog just as the sun is rising each day. With the days becoming shorter, I’m sleeping a little longer, but I still manage to get a glimpse of what heaven might look like when the sun peeks over the horizon, spilling its glory all across the landscape. I have four windows to look through. Even on the cloudy, rainy days there is beauty everywhere. A wonderful reminder that God is in the midst of all of it.

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  2. “If there is ever a place I feel in harmony with God it is when I am writing.” Chrissy I love that statement! That describes me at this point in my life! I can’t believe I have put writing on the back burner this long! It’s like breathing air for me! And where I truly feel God in my life! We have something in common!

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  3. You have described communing with God through writing beautifully Chrissy. I, too, have become a writer. I must to honor Him, to process this difficult life, and to prayerfully draw others to Him. Have a blessed weekend, my writing friend.

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