Followers 600 !!!

I just wanted to welcome all new followers to Riverside Peace .

We finally unpacked the last box. The furniture is in place, pictures hung and now we can enjoy our new home in this new location on the beautiful mid-north coast. I can also start writing new poems and stories to post along with new photos.

I haven’t been able to keep up with all my new followers but I will try to catch up with you all soon. Please check out my introduction page About Chrissy, my book pages Teen Novel and my Poetry Books Page.

Thank you.


Happy New Year

I’m sorry that there is no specific post for New Year this year but I leave you with some of the many residents and places we have found in our new town. There’s more to be introduced to and more places to explore with new experiences to come as we enter a new year and new beginnings.

May God bless you all as as He has blessed us.


January is Fiction Month

Time for a bit of a holiday after moving into our new home and to let my finger recover. I’ll pop in from time to time to check the site and to read some of your posts too. Please, enjoy all my Short Fiction series and stories that I wrote in 2018 & 2019.

Faith’s Adventures – A series of short storys about Ken and his dog Faith – 8 stories over 8 days.

Memory of Dread – A short murder/mystery for the Christian reader – 5 Parts over 5 days.

Stella’s Plight – A short story set in Australia – 4 Chapters over 4 days.

What Became of Marjorie – A short mystery in a historical Australian setting – 5 links to 5 Chapters on January 19th followed by some of your favourites from my Archives for the rest of the month.


With one finger out of action…

It’s hard to type with my right pointer finger wrapped up.

On the Friday before Christmas the wind slammed the car door shut on the tip of my finger bursting it open at the base of the nail. It’s no longer painful but I need to keep the top half of the finger well padded to allow the nail to come off on it’s own. It’s going to be a slow process but with the side not lifted embedded in the flesh under that side of the nail, all that can be done is to wait. Typing has also become a very slow process.


Teen Novel Page

All updates and ordering details can be found on my Teen Novel Page.

Out of the Shadows Jennas Secret

It has it’s own page located right here on Riverside Peace.

The ordering link will show British Pounds (GBP) but because this book is printed in most countries, the price will adjust to your country’s currency when you make the order or simply check the exchange rate on any online currency converter first

Please stop by and read the background and details of the book.