Glimpses of His Glory – (the book)

Glimpses of His Glory.


I cant imagine this universe without being able to see Gods beauty all around me. Theres nothing more beautiful than Gods creation. Its as much a part of me as my Saviour himself. Everything he created was to His will and glory, and nothing was made by accident.

Chrissy Siggee

Discover how God works through his creation and Scripture to show us his love.This 100 page book has been given a new look and is now available in most countries.It will make the ideal gift for just about anyone who enjoys Gods creation and words of encouragement.Why not buy two and keep a copy for yourself.

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Where Did I Leave My Humour?

Do you know where I left my humour? It must be around here somewhere. I had it yesterday. Im sure I did. How could I have lost my humour?

Its always been a part of me. Ive never gone anywhere without it. I have used it every day. Humour is one of those possessions I thought I would always have. How could I have lost it?

I could have left it in the fridge, like I misplace my cup of coffee yesterday. Perhaps its in the laundry cupboard or in the ironing basket. Surely, I wouldnt have left it laying around for the dog to chew. Perhaps I left it under the bed. I havent looked there for days. Where could my humour be?

Probably its gone forever, like the coins that slipped through the hole in my purse. Maybe its gone down the kitchen sink, just like my favourite ring. I dont know why Id put it downnot even for a moment. Maybe its in the garden. I could have left it there when I found that poor dead bird. Or, did I leave it someplace else?

Perhaps I left my humour in my journal. Id been trying to hide my pain and cope alone. I didnt want to burden anyone with my misery, so I poured it out to God. It might be in my Bible, somewhere in the Psalms, possibly in chapter 23between the shadows of death and fearing no evil. But, why would I have left it there?

I checked my emails before I went to bed hoping I would find my humour there.

A stranger said Id made them laugh with a story I had written.

Wendy said she was missing me and I had always made her day.

A cute little puppy greeted me. He was on an eCard sent by Val. It made me grin but it was the words that got to me: shoulders to lean on and hands to hold, hugs to comfort too.

Do you think my humour is closer than I think?

Wait one minute! It must be around here somewhere. Last night that movie made me laugh and I saw the funny side when hubby dropped his cookie into his cup of tea. My son gave me a picture book of elephants at the beach. Its amazing how some silly photos encourage you to smile. How could I have missed it?

Suddenly I realized I hadnt lost it. I had it all along. I guess its like a simple smileI just had to put it on.

穢 Chrissy Siggee

– a long time ago.

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Hope in the City

DELIVERED– A Peculiar People Collaboration

Amongst the group of writers I can claim to have written just one chapter but yes, I wrote Chapter four.

320_4654160An immigrant and her young daughter, struggling to reach their dream地 special needs child, searchingfor hope地 newly released ex-con, seeking forgiveness. They have one thing in commontheyre about to be touched by God in a way they never imagined. All through a simple postcard. Brought up in a strict Muslim home in London, Sulafa has recently experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Now, despite fear of discovery and its consequences, she knows she has to spread the good news. In an act of bravery, she sends out postcards with a single message: Let me pray for you. Her simple request impacts lives and brings hope in the midst of hopelessness.

The second of many anticipated books from Peculiar People, Delivered is a collection of short stories that intertwine to deliver a single message. It is the work of twenty-five authors with one united voice, proclaiming the power of God to transform lives and His ability to do the miraculous in the most ordinary of circumstances.

Amongst the group of writers I can claim to have written just one chapter but yes, I wrote Chapter four.

Chapter Four

Hope in the City –by Chrissy Siggee

Seventeen year old Sarah stepped down from the train and looked around. Haunted eyes stared out from a gaunt face. She looked around to gather her bearings. Commuters pushed and shoved their way past, almost causing her to stumble under the heaviness of her backpack. The warped wheels of her worn suitcase flip flopped behind her as she followed the crowd. Shed come to Sydney for a new life. No one here knew of her former years, which she wanted to forget…

from the book: DELIVERED– A Peculiar People Collaboration

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Its Time to Grow Up!

Simon! Dad called from the back of the house. Come and fix this mess!


Simon stopped at the door of the laundry and watched as bright red foamy bubbles spewed from the familys washing machine.Oops.

Oops is right and youd better clean it up before your mother returns with the groceries. Then, you had better deal with that car of yours. The windscreen looks like the aftermath of a locust plague.

The unusually quiet son entered the kitchen later that day and watched his parents move about to prepare for the evening meal. Steak, onions and potatoes sat ready for preparing. He sat in a chair to watch. Simon was always fascinated and somewhat proud of how they worked together. Being the youngest of five, and at almost twenty-three, Simon knew it was time to give his parents a break and move out on his own but…

Hey, Simon, his mother interrupted his thoughts. Are you going to the young adults Bible Study tonight?

Yeah… Ive even completed this weeks study questions, he grinned.

Dad looked up from chopping onions. Tears ran down his cheeks. Really?

Simon grinned at the voice that didnt match the tears, which were thankfully not related to this latest bit of news. Um…yeah. Were studying Hebrews chapter five. Im守m…finding it quite interesting.

His mother wiped her hands and approached the table. May I ask why?

Dad continued to chop and sniff.

Ill show you. Simon left the room and returned a few minutes later with his New International Version of the Bible. He opened it to where it was bookmarked.

You see, he began, last weeks topic was about “Warnings Against Falling Away”. Verses 11 to 15 says: We have much to say about this, but it is hard to explain because you are slow to learn. In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.

Dad wiped his eyes before joining them at the table. What do you think these verses are saying?

Well, he began thoughtfully. Its like eating.

His parents laughed in unison.

Yeah, I know. Everything with me is related to food, he grinned. But its like the verse says, we have to stop just drinking milk and get in to the steak and potatoes of life地nd onions, he finished with a chuckle.

Dad reached across, pulled the Bible to him and turned it around. Yes, youre right. We need to grow and mature in His grace. He paused and turned over a few pages. Hebrews 10:25-27also says: Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one anotherand all the more as you see the Day approaching. If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.’

Pretty heavy stuff, Simon sighed. But I think Im beginning to understand this whole adulthood stuff. I mean, Im no longer a child, or a teenager anymore. Im supposed to be an adult. Right? Not just as a person, but as a Christian. I cant rely on you and Mum all my life to feed me or clean up after me. In the same way, I need to get into the Word and grow up.

His mother smiled. Even us older Christians need to grow. We can never outgrow the need to grow. But, youre right, Simon. You do need to do this for yourself. She reached out and touched his hand. Is there more to this conversation than impressing us?

Simon took a deep breath. Well, I like my job and doing church stuff, but…

But what? There was a hint of worry in his fathers tone.

This weeks Bible study has had me seriously praying about a few things. Im ready to put away childish things. Ive decided to start adulthood properly. Im going to attend Bible College. I believe thats where God wants me to be.

穢 Chrissy Siggee

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Unborn Dreams

There isnt time to change her mind
They told my mother lies,
Restricted by these clamps that bind
I hear her inward cries.

There isnt room to shift and squirm
Please take that thing away,
I was made to grow full-term
My hope you did betray.

Before I formed you in the womb,
I knew you

There isnt time to understand
No time to move aside,
Save me from this glove-swathed hand
I need a place to hide.

Theres no time to shun the tomb
This fear has taken hold,
My heart beats strong within her womb
Ive never felt so cold.

I will never leave nor forsake you,
Dont be afraid…

There isnt time to know my name
My face she will not see,
All I feel is my mothers shame
My life will never be.

There isn’t even time to cry
All I can do is pray,
No! I do not want to die
Please just go away.

When you walk through the valley,
Fear no evil

There isnt time to hug you, Mum
Or look upon your face,
Listen to you sing or hum
And know your true embrace.

I’ll never walk upon the earth
Its time to say goodbye,
This wasnt meant to be my birth
Mother夷ts time for me to die.

I have called you by name,

Take my hand

穢 Chrissy Siggee


Butterfly Cakes and Parenting Skills

NO, and that’s my final word.

Sarah was irritable. Her twin daughters, Lucy and Annie, had been arguing with her for almost fifteen minutes. They had been invited to their best friends Amy teen-theme birthday party the following Saturday. The problem was she would be eight; the same age as the twins.

The girls stomped off to their bedroom just as the telephone rang. Sarah took a deep breath and released it slowly.

Hello. Rubbing her forehead, she leaned against the wall to ease the weariness that threatened to overtake her.

Well, you sound happy. It was Connie, Amy’s mother.

Hello Connie. I’m sorry, sometimes I find parenting a little stressful.

You? Of all people Sarah. You’re a great parent. You always seem to have it all under control.

Well not today. What can I do for you?

I was just checking if the girls are coming on Saturday.

Actually, it was the party we were discussing. I just don’t feel the theme is appropriate for eight-year-olds. Peter and I made the decision a long time ago that they are not to attend a party which goes against our values.

Sarah cringed as she realized what she had said. Connie was a good friend who attended the same church.

Connie sighed on the other end of the phone. Can I be frank with you?

Sure, we’re friends.

It was Amy’s suggestion. In fact, she demanded it. Honestly, I have been trying to keep the peace around here. We received a letter from her teacher last week concerning Amy’s rebellious behaviour.

Sarah made herself busy at the stove.

Connie continued. Yesterday, we went shopping to buy her an outfit for the party. I have never been so embarrassed. Her performance was appalling. She insisted on purchasing the skimpiest pair of shorts I have ever seen and the top barely covered her. There wasn’t enough material to cover her navel. Connie’s voice reached an intense pitch.

Sarah stirred the contents of the saucepan. ‘Lord, why is it so hard to do what is right as a parent?’

Sarah, why does parenting have to be so hard?

I don’t think any parent finds it easy Connie. We aren’t born with the skills either. We all have to learn them’

Connie resumed talking before Sarah could finish. I was just telling my mother yesterday that I remember some of my own childhood birthday celebrations. We used to dress up in our Sunday best and eat those yummy cakes. You know those little ones? The ones you make so well. You scoop out the little piece from the top, and then add just the right size dollop of cream, before cutting that extra piece in half and sitting it in just the right spot on top, then sprinkling icing sugar over them to give it that perfect sweetness.

Butterfly cakes? Sarah smiled at Connie’s description. It almost sounds like parenting skills. You need just the right balance to get it right. She laughed at her own illustration.

Oh Sarah, I just had a marvelous idea. Why don’t I call all the parents and tell them I’ve changed the theme? It will be a good, old-fashion party for an eight-year-old girl. They can all dress in their Sunday best and you could make butterfly cakes. I think it’s about time I initiated some parenting skills. The first thing I’ll introduce is Christian values.

Sarah laughed. All right. I’ll talk to Peter tonight. He should be happy with the change, and yes, I think it’s a wonderful idea. Bye.

Goodbye Sarah.

Sarah was still smiling long after she hung up the phone. She turned to see the twins standing at the door, their arms folded stiffly.
What’s so wonderful? Annie asked sourly.

Well, first of all, go and get the flower-girl dresses you wore to Uncle Tony’s wedding and put them on the sewing table. Then, we need to start on some parenting skills.

What are you talking about? Lucy was totally confused.
I’m going to bake some butterfly cakes, and you two can help. It’s never too early to learn.

穢 Chrissy Siggee

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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a short murder mystery for the Christian reader – Part 6

Brenda gasped. ‘What?’ She stared back at Constable Hoxley then turned to Inspector OMalley. ‘When did you find this out?’

‘This morning,’ Hoxley replied. ‘Frank Daviesdrive toclaimyou several years ago set him into a downhill spiral.He began skimming money from your husband’s bank accounts a few years agoas well.’

‘Davies introduced Carlos Lorenzo to Charles as a gardener,’ Hoxley continued. ‘Lorenzo was tospy on your husbands clients for Davies and to check yourcomings and goings. He had an elaborate plan that would not only get you but ultimately Charles company and investments. Because of Davies’ dirty dealings, he unintentionally put you in danger, evenfrom some of Charles clients. Why,we arent completely sure.’

Hoxley flicked through his notebook before continuing. ‘Davies’ plans began tocome unstuckwhen you took a disliking to Lorenzo,whose feelings,as youknow,were mutual.However, Lorenzo had already become a loyalworker, and possibly a good friendto Charles, at least someone he couldtrust.Because of this, Charles learned of Davies’ desire tohaveyou and his money.But, heneeded proof. The private door was your husbands idea forprivatemeetingswith Lorenzo and clientswhowere aware of Davies’ dirty dealings. We suppose Lorenzo simply got tired ofplayingDavies’ sickgames,includingtheblackmailing.’

Brenda sat in dumb silence. This had been going on for at least two years?It was inconceivable.Why hadnt I noticed?Where was I when these meetings were going on in my own home?She couldnt evenspeculatewhy Charles put up withFrankfor so long, proof or no proof.

‘Six months ago,’ OMalley broke into her thoughts, ‘Davies represented asmall-timedrug smuggler.The accused walked and Davies’ pocketed a large amount oflaundered cash.’

‘And Charles didnt know any of this?’ Brenda interrupted, her frustration showingfromherusual demeanour.

‘Oh…it gets better,’ OMalley sniggered. ‘Lorenzo found out about the moneyanddug up somemoredirt on Davies.’

His toned softened. ‘But no, I dont think your husband was aware, at leastnotuntil much later. Perhapsonlyrecently. Charles did payLorenzo enough money to pay offthe blackmail so Davies wouldnt know things had changed.This we discovered in a ledger your husband kept for his own records, not that he actually recorded it as blackmail money. HerecordedCarlos Lorenzo in his last tax records as a business advisor, hence a higher payment.’

Brenda stood andwalkedback and forth, not that there was much room with thefour of them inthe small office. The three officers watched her andwaited.She turned to Hoxley. Her mind went back to the early piece of news that shocked her most.

‘But I hardlyknow Frank. He attended business lunches and dinners with us. I sometimes sat inoccasionalmeetingswhere it involved myowninvestments but other than that, I only knew Frank as Charles lawyer. Why wouldI beattracted to Frank?’ She hugged herselfand grimaced. ‘I doubt I could ever be. Youarekidding.Right?’

Hoxley shook his head slowly. ‘Sorry.They were his words.Iadmitthough, hes one sick man and you haveno way led him on.’He turned to McDougal who had picked up the file on the Asian guy.

‘This Asian character,’ McDougal began, ‘wasone of Davies clients.He was also a client ofCharles’ for a legitimate business. Somehow after a meeting with Charles, Davies and this client, this filegot caught between some of Charles’ own paperwork.When Davies went to work on the file, he couldnt find it andfigured out what must have happened.’

‘So, this file,’ she pointed, ‘is what put Charles and me in danger?’ Brenda asked directly.

‘Yes, and thisis where it gets messy,’ McDougal replied. ‘You seethisclient, Fo-Yong-Ho, is also amember of an Asian drug ring. He had met with Davies before this meeting with Charles; the morning before Charlesmurder.’

McDougal handed Brenda the file page. ‘These numbers indicate names of drug dealers, or rather their code names.’ He walked over in two short steps and stood beside Brenda.He pointed to the third number on the list. ‘This number here for instance:49560HO is Fo-Yong-Hos. Thissignhere,’he pointed toanAsian character symbol before the number, ‘represents what would be the third letter of theiralphabet.Whats so important about the list is that the ASIS (Australia Secret Intelligence Service) would love to get their hands on it, and as soon as we have finished with the murder case, they can have it alongwithFrank Davies.’

‘You mean heson the list?’ Brenda was beginning to understand. She ran her index finger down thepage. ‘71062FB! Youre kidding: number 27. As simple as that? But, does this mean hes just…?’

‘Just a pawn,’ the sergeant finished for her. But a valuable pawntothe ASIS.

Brenda went to the sofa and sat down. With her head bowed slightly she touched herweddingring. She took in a slow deep breath. ‘Look, Im grateful foryou allexplaining all this. It gives me an idea what Charles was dealing with. About Frank I mean.’ Her voice wavered. ‘Its also good to know why Charles died but what Ireallywant to knowiswho killed him. Was it Carlos? Was it Frank? Or… this Fo-Yong-Ho person?’

‘Let me give you the facts about your husband,’ OMalley began. ‘He wasnt perfectly innocent in a few thingsbutif he wasstillalive, he would probably be charged for withholding informationthat wouldhave led to the arrests of Davies and at least a few other names on this list. Also, the fact is he would have known sometime after he employed Lorenzo that he was an illegal resident. For those thingsalonehe may or may not have received much more than an acquitted short term sentence.’ He returned to his chair behind the desk. ‘His gun, as you know, was registered but we’re unsure why it was in his drawer fully loaded.’

Brenda had listened in silence as tears suddenlystreamed uncontrollably down her cheeks. She didnt bother to wipe them away.Had her husband beenacriminal or just plain stupid? The thoughtgnawed ather.

Hoxley came over and sat beside her.As if reading her mind, he said,‘Brenda, the way I see it, the only thing that Charleswas really guiltyof was protecting the woman he loved. He wasnt letting any creep-of-a-lawyer claim you,or his company.’

‘Thats about size of it,’ McDougal conceded.

OMalley cleared his throat and gulped down his cooling coffee. ‘Lets finish this up so Sergeant McDougal can continue his research on thisFo-Yong-Ho character.’

The officers returned to their notes and waited for each other to continue.

Hoxley took the lead. ‘After Davies discovered that the file was missing he told Lorenzo to find it orelsehe would report him to the authorities. Davies informed him that you and Charles would be out most of the night and that he would have plenty of time to search. Fo-Yong-Ho called Davies about 10:00 pmto question him about an error in one of the code numbers. Out ofpanic, Davies told Fo-Yong-Ho that he had hidden it in Charles’ home safe for securityandthathe, Davies,couldretrieve it in the morning. However, when Lorenzo hadn’t reported back to Davies as scheduled he went to the houseto see what was keeping him. Shortly after midnight Davies entered Charles’ home officeby the side door,just as Lorenzo had done earlier.’ Looking up he added, ‘apparently Davies had known about the side door but assumed it was just for Lorenzo.’ Here he paused to flip to the next page. ‘Lorenzo had found the file and realized what it was or, at least he had a fair idea.Davies found him in the process of photocopying the file. He hadnt heard Davies enter, probably because of the noise of the photocopier. Davies struck Lorenzo over the back of the head with the eagle paperweight.’

‘Forensics,’ OMalley interrupted, ‘had discovered some dried blood on the eagle. At first they thought it was Charles’ but until today we really had no idea whose blood it was. When Davies made his statement this morning,forensicspaid a visit to Lorenzo in his cell for a sample.’

‘When Lorenzo regained consciousness,’ Hoxley continued, ‘Davies was sitting in Charles’ chair. Lorenzo was tied up andDavies hadCharles gun pointing at him.’ He looked over to the sergeant.

‘Yes,’ McDougal confirmed. ‘Lorenzo had admitted in a later interview that he had found the gun in Charles’ desk drawer and had been just checking-it-out while the photocopier warmed up. He had placed it on the desk to press the copy button. A silly mistake no matter how you look at it.’

McDougal took a moment to sip his coffee and waited for any questions. When none came, he continued. ‘Lorenzo also told us that Davies forced him to confess everythingincluding details about theledger that he found during his own search of the officeafter rendering him helpless. Davies then gagged Lorenzo andthreatened himto keep quiet.’

When McDougal stopped to take a long drink, Hoxley continued the narrative.

‘Davies decided he would wait for Charles to have it out with him, only he didnt expect the telephone to ring on your arrival.Hepanickedand forced Lorenzo to hide with him behind one of the large double doors he had opened so he would know when you both returned home. Once Charles picked up the phone in the office, Davies waited a few minutes to be sure you had gone upstairs. By that time Davies had figured out it was Fo-Yong-Ho on the phone. Davies said Charles raised his voice at Fo-Yong-Ho telling him that hewould deal with the situationat their nextmeeting. Davies said he was unsure what the conversation was about butfigured Fo-Yong-Ho must haveusedsome weakexcuse to call, perhaps to make a visit himself. We don’t know.’

‘Hang on…’ Brenda interrupted. ‘Back up a bit. This Fo-Yong-Ho, Charleshadno idea that he was a drug dealer. Right?’

‘Fo-Yong-Howas a clientof Charleswitha legitimate jewellery business, which was also acover-up for the drug dealing, buthe usedthefamily company name when dealing with Charles.’ Hoxley checkedhis notes. ‘Minh Nhung’.

‘Davies has confirmed that Charles knew nothing about thedrugdeals,’McDougal added for Brenda’s benefit.

After a quiet minute in thought Brenda nodded for them to continue. She was tired and felt like she had been sucked through an engine of a jet plane but she needed to knowthe restso she could make sense of it all.

OMalleys phone rang before anyone could speak. ‘OMalley. Yes, right. Good job! Thanks.’ He hung up. ‘A highway patrol constable has Fo-Yong-Ho in custody but moreon that later. Were almost done. Continue Hoxley.’

‘According to the telephone company the call lasted no more thana couple ofminutes. Davies confirmed it. When Charles replaced the telephone receiver, he turned to follow you upstairs only he was confronted by Davies who had stepped out from behind the door with Lorenzo held tightly inhis grip and the gun in his free hand. Davies claimed he just wanted to talk. His plan was to take Lorenzo as hostage and leave the country with Fo-Yong-Ho. He told Charles if he called the police or tried to follow, hed have Fo-Yong-Hogetsomeonetokillyou.’ He paused. ‘Davies also told us that he would never have done that and his real plan was to haveyouabducted and take you out of the countrytoo.’

Brenda felt ill and must have looked it. McDougal filled aglasswith water from a jug on O’Malley’s desk and handed it to her. She accepted it with thanks.

Hoxley continued.‘Lorenzo kicked and twisted himself out of Davies’ grip. Charles made a dive for Davies but the gun was by then, aimed at Lorenzo. Charles dived between them as Davies fired, taking the bullet for Lorenzo.Charles apparently died instantly.WhenLorenzo began togagon his own vomit,Davies draggedhimback out the side doorto the garden before he removed the handkerchief fromhis mouth telling him to stay put and keep quiet or he would get a bulletin his head. Davies then went back inside,wiped the gun clean and placed it in Charles hand. He also wiped his prints off the paperweight but missed the blood. Because he was a regular to the room, he didnt bother to clean up too much else. He was so flustered he left the room without the file and the photocopy he had placed on the filing cabinet behind the door when he hid there with Lorenzo. He returned for Lorenzo and left. When he realised his carelessness he sent Lorenzo back to retrieve the file but by that time they had to wait until the forensics had left. He was in the house when Davis took you back to pack a suitcase.’

‘Thinking back on it,’ McDougal added, ‘Davies’ behaviour was meant to be a distraction and probably timed your visit to make sure Lorenzo wasn’t caught. What he didn’t expect was your sensitive nose.’

Brenda took a deep breath. ‘So itwasFrank?’

‘Yes. Davieswas the onewho pulled the trigger that ultimately killed your husband.’ Hoxley walked over and put his hand on her shoulder and sat down. ‘He died saving Carlos life and trying to stop Frank from proceeding with his plans.’

Brenda gave a deep audible sigh. ‘I need to be left alone. Please.’

McDougal and OMalley quietly collected their notebooks and empty coffee cups and left the office.

He stood up. ‘Do you want me to send in Cheryl?’ Hoxley asked.

‘Not yet,’ she replied weakly. ‘Give me half an hour,’ she added. She managed what she hoped was a thankful smile.

He left and closed the door quietly.

In some ways she was relieved; relievedCharlesdidnt suffer. Relieved it was all over. Relieved they had found Fo-Yong-Ho and relieved the law would deal with Frank and Carlos.Yet,a sensation ofunexpected sadness tugged at her.

Carlos was also a victim and almost killed by this lunatic,perhapstrying to save Charles. Her emotions confused her. ‘Oh Charles, why?’ The pain was drowning her. She rested her head on thebackof the sofa. Just as she did, a still small voice spoke within her. ‘Child, lean on me.Cast all your burdens upon me and I will give you rest.’Brenda prayed quietly until the floodgates opened.It seemed to wash all the pain, grief and dread of the past few weeksaway in one cleansing torrent.

The life she and Charles had shared was over but she knew deepdown this was a new beginning. She thanked the Lord forten wonderful years with Charles,her safety and a closure. It was time to move on, on toanew life with her newfound faith in a God who loved her.


穢 Chrissy Siggee

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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– a short murder mystery for the Christian reader – Part 5

Time seemed to move in slow motion. Cheryl was chatting away as she busied herself in her kitchen.

Although Brenda had appreciated the conversation, she was way too distracted to comprehend what she was hearing. Her hand was much better after the emergency department treated the burn and re-bandaged it. She smiled briefly as she thought of Peters first-aid efforts.

‘This coffee sure beats the cup Peter brewed at the police station,’ she said when Cheryl came over and sat down opposite of her.

‘Brenda, you need to rest. You really should have some sleep before Peter returns home this evening. Thats your fourth coffee since you’ve arrived. Not that I mind.’ Cheryl sighed. ‘Peter has put your suitcase in the spare room. Why dont I run you a hot bath? You can change into something more comfortable for a nap.Look at yourself. You’ve been in that stiff-tailored suit all day.’ She tugged at the coffee-stained sleeve. ‘Im worried about you, and Peter’s going to be worried too if he sees you like this.’

Brenda put her cup down and reached out to touch Cheryls hand. ‘You two have become good friends. I wish Charles had a chance to meet you.’ She gulped away another threatening sob.

A sympathetic face looked back. ‘If I have to, Ill undress you myself and put you in that tub, then, tuck you into bed…for at least a few hours. Cheryl gently squeezed her hand.‘Im going to pray with you right now.’ She paused. ‘Please. Did you get any sleep at the hotel?’

Brenda couldnt lie. She smiled, awkwardly, and rolled her eyes toward the ceiling before bowing her head while her friend prayed the most beautiful prayer she had ever heard.

Soon she was settled into a hot bath filled with bubbles finally allowing herself to relax. She laid back, closed her eyes, and listened to the CD Cheryl had playing in the next room. The music was soothing and the words were filled with praises and promises from the Psalms. She listened and began to hum along. The tune was one she had heard a long time ago. Peace is flowing like a river, flowing out to you and me…

Later that evening, Brenda felt more relaxed and refreshed. A rest, a good meal and a fresh change of clothes did help. Peter updated her, although there really wasn’t much to tell. They were still clueless, and although a replacement lawyer had been found for Brenda, Frank Davies had not yet found legal assistance. He was being uncooperative.

‘What about the clients file they were trying to find?’ Brenda asked after the brief update.

‘We havent found it. At least nothing that looks suspicious. Theres one thing though. Carlos told OMalley when he was arrested that the gun was on the desk when he was in the house the night of Charles’ death but then he changed his statement and said he didn’t see it. After that, his information was not so forth coming.’

‘So did Carlos kill Charles?’ Brenda persisted.

Peter stifled a yawn. ‘To be honest, I dont think he did, but, if he did, it was by Davis’ instructions…or someone elses’ – if there is a someone else.’ This time he didnt manage to cover his yawn in time and apologised before heading to bed.

Cheryl left a few minutes later but not until Brenda had a private moment to thank her again. Brenda stayed awhile in the living room alone with her thoughts and memories.

The next morning Cheryl accompanied Brenda to the police station at Brendas invitation. It would be a long day for her and she needed a friend around while Peter and OMalley were busy with other things. Cheryl had gone to the kitchen to brew some coffee she had brought from home. O’Malley opened the door and held it open for Cheryl, who followed with two large mugs of steaming coffee.

Once the women were seated on the sofa and OMalley at his desk, OMalley held up a thin manila file folder. ‘We found the file.’ He opened it and pulled out what appeared to be a sheet of ordinary office paper.

‘Is that all there is?’ Brenda asked a little confused.

He stood and leaned over the desk to hand it to her.There appeared to be an Asian name at the top, some contact details, and then a whole lot of figures: mathematical symbols and what looked like serial numbers or possibly invoice numbers.

After she gave it a good look-over she handed it back. ‘Whats it mean?’

‘Im not sure but it was hidden in the lining of Frank Davies briefcase. What I want to know is why someone would want to steal a single sheet of paper from your husband?’He sat down again. ‘And, why would it lead to his death?’ He studied the paper while the women drank their coffee in silence.

Brenda began to pace.After a few minutes she looked at her watch and placed her empty mug in Cheryls hand when she had reached for it. ‘Thanks Cheryl. Im afraid its going to be a bit of a bore for you today.’

Cheryl smiled. ‘Thats all right. Im here if you need me. If you need some space, Ill be in the kitchen.’ She left, closing the door behind her.

OMalley stood up and started to leave. ‘Oh, I almost forgot. We sent the forensic team back out to your house late yesterday with some specific instructions. Once they are through with their examination, our cleaners will be sent in and have it ready for you when this is all over. I hope for your sake that it’ll be soon. Ive taken the liberty of finding you a new lawyer, Cole Webster. We’ll hand over a few of Charles personal files, including his current Will. That’s if you’re happy with Webster.’

Brenda nodded before he continued.

‘There was nothing in your husband’s personal files that could help the investigation. I believe everything was left to you except for a holiday cottage which he left to his brother, Patrick.’

‘Yes, I was aware of that. We discussed it some time ago.’

‘We had the authorities speak with Patrick. Everything was in order.’ He paused. ‘Patrick has offered any assistance if you should need it and sends his condolences. I believe hes been interstate for business trips these past weeks and wasnt even aware of Charles’ death.’

Brendas hand went to her forehead. ‘I hadnt even thought about contacting Patrick. I feel terrible.’

‘Well, its understandable, considering you had been detained, and Davis obviously wasnt doing his job. Anyway, my office is yours for the day. Ill be in and out to update you, and get files as I need them.’

He started to gather a few things from his filing cabinet and desk when they heard a scuffle outside the door.They both watched as Cheryl burst in and placed her back up against the door.

‘I believe that’s Carlos.’ Cheryl pointed over her shoulder. ‘Hes not happy.’

Carlos Lorenzo was causing a commotion in the hallway as officers tried to escort him to the holding cell after yet another interview.

The inspector sighed.‘If he does gets off the murder charge, hell be serving a few years for breaking-and-entering, and stealing before being deported. Our friend Carlos is an illegal immigrant. But right now we need to separate him from Frank Davies. Davies, by the way, will represent himself. He doesnt appear to have too many colleagues that like him. I wonder why?’ He bid farewell to the ladies and left.

Brenda wandered to a small barred window that over looked the parking lot. The bars made her cringe. Would she ever be free of these memories?

The meeting with the new lawyer went well, ending with a promise of a letter going to the magistrate that afternoon to support the new police findings. The letter was roughly drafted for Brenda’s benefit and the Will was read in full. Charles funeral arrangements were discussed and partially organized but a date couldnt be determined until the investigation was over and his body released by the coroner.Cheryl had been there throughout the meeting at Brenda’s request.

After the meeting Brenda wanted to take a walk but she knew, at least for today, would be impossible. Her thoughts involuntarily wondered to the Asian man. Who is he? Where is he? What did he want?

‘Do you have any family of your own, Brenda?’

Brenda felt the urge to hug her friend, so she did. ‘Thanks for being here for me, Cheryl.’ She released her and stepped back to the window. ‘My father passed away after a long painful illness a few months ago. Theres just my mother; I have no siblings. I had finally convinced her to go with a friend on a cruise. She left the day before Charles died. Im glad she did. Im not sure if she could have coped with all this.’She turned to face Cheryl. ‘Anyway, shes due back next week when this will hopefully be all over. I called her on Sunday after you and Peter dropped me back at the hotel. I didnt tell her anything. Just that I missed her…’ She finished and looked down at her feet.

Brenda felt Cheryls arm go round her waist.

This dear friend was a good head and shoulders shorter than Brenda but she had been a tower of support. She rested her head on the top of Cheryls. They stood in silence until a knock came and Peter entered.

‘Im going to get us some lunch. I wont be long.’ He stepped inside and closed the door. ‘Brenda, Franks told us everything. As soon as we get his interview typed up and some legal paperwork done, we can let you know whats going on. We need to find this Asian fellow though.All we have is his name a telephone number in a motel’s reception. Ill be back soon.Well need to start praying.’ He kissed Cheryl’s cheek and left.

Brenda was amazed at this couples faith in God. ‘Cheryl, she said eagerly. ‘I want what you and Peter have. I mean, I need hope and you two seem to have that hope in God. Show me how to get that same faith and assurance you have.’

Cheryls face lit up and she encouraged Brenda to sit and pray with her. ‘This is a big day for you; in more ways than one.’

After they had eaten and the officers and station staff returned to their duties, Brenda returned to the office with OMalley and Peter following close behind. Cheryl stayed to clean up the station’s tiny kitchen.

Once the three were seated, Police Officer Sergeant McDougal, joined them. McDougal gave a preliminary report. Most of it Brenda had already heard, except for some details of her own arrest and interview but she was able to add a few extra details to complete the report.

Constable Peter Hoxley then began his report on Carlos.‘Carlos Lorenzo has been an illegal immigrant of some four years. A year after his arrival, Frank Davies represented Carlos for a minor traffic offense. Davies found out about Lorenzo’s illegal papers and began to blackmail him.’ He placed some notes on OMalleys desk and looked over at Brenda before continuing.‘Basically, Frank used Carlos to do his dirty work.’ He nodded to OMalley to continue.

‘Frank Davies had been working with your husband long before you and he were married…’

‘Yes, I know that.’ Brenda interrupted. ‘What does that have to do with Carlos?’

‘Carlos Lorenzo was hired to spy on you, Brenda.’ He paused to let this newest information sink in. ‘You see, Brenda, Frank Davies says he was in love with you and still is.’

穢 Chrissy Siggee

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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– a short murder mystery for the Christian reader – Part 4

The window resembled no similarities of the peaceful beauty Brenda enjoyed in the church window just yesterday. What she recalled though was the early hours of the cold morning less than a week ago. Only it wasnt her that sat beside Frank Davies in a stark interview room; it was Carlos.

Police Officer, and now friend, Peter Hoxley, placed a supportive hand on her shoulder. ‘Are you sure you’re okay with this?’ He stood beside the plastic chair where she sat staring through what looked like a two-way mirror. ‘They cant see or hear you, and you are perfectly safe. They dont even know you have been invited to witness the interview.’

Brenda took a deep breath, and then eased it out slowly, a technique a counsellor showed her at the prison. It helped somewhat throughout her short but terrifying incarceration. ‘Ill be fine. I just don’t understand why I’m here.’

At that moment Inspector O’Malley stepped into the small room and leaned back against the door.

With eyes still fixed on the two men on the other side of the glass, Brendabegan with reluctance. ‘What surprises me…and it probably shouldnt, is the fact that Frank is here for Carlos. I mean, is it legal for him to represent both of us?’

‘It is,’ O’Malley replied. ‘At least at the moment.’ He walked over to the glass and watched the two men for a few minutes. The whispering was becoming heated and Carlos was fidgeting and shaking his fist at his lawyer.

‘I think we might begin, Mrs Stanton.’ He paused, ‘or would Brenda make things a little easier?’At her nod, he continued. ‘I asked you to come because something doesnt fit with Franks story, not Carlos so much. I need you to listen carefully, and when I come out Hoxley will see you to my office. Ill join you once I’ve returned Carlos to his cell…and decide how to proceed with this lawyer character.’

Still slightly confused, she nodded in agreement anyway. She knew that Peter had described to OMalley what had occurred with Frank the day before which may have been part of the explanation. She watched the men squirm in their chairs when the inspector entered the interview room. Peterturned a dial beside the window she hadn’t noticed before. They could now hear the voices clearly.

‘This interview begins at 9.30am. Im speaking with a Carlos Lorenzo who is with his lawyer, Frank Davies, in regard to incidents relating to the murder of one Charles Stanton.’

‘CarlosLorenzo, Frank Davies, are you both aware this interview is being recorded and give permission to do so?’

The two answered with clear responses and confirmed that they agreed to therecording of the interview.

Brenda shivered and pulled her jacket around her. She adjusted her posture and leaned forward.

Peterstood with his forearm against the frame of the window, watching and listening.

Carlos was speaking rapidly to Frank in his own native language. Expletives were obvious.

OMalley raised his hand; palm facing Carlos to halt the outrage. The room fell silent.

‘Mr Lorenzo, please explain in your own words why you were in the home of Charles and Brenda Stanton in the early hours of last Friday morning.’

He cursed again. ‘I look for pay cheque. Mister Charles…he always pay me on Wen-day. I thought maybe I wont get now he dead.’

‘Why didnt you speak to Mr Davies in regard to your payment? He is Mr Stantons lawyer. Right?’

He glanced sideways at his lawyer. ‘I do not trust Mister Frank.’

Frank crossed his arms and huffed like a spoiled child.

The inspector looked at Carlos; his left eyebrow slightly raised. O’Malley continued a little quieter, a little more direct. ‘Why dont you trust your own lawyer, Carlos?’

‘Cause he promisegood pay when I start work. Mister Charles did not know this when we disgus money…two year ago. Mister Charles always keeps my cheque under ee-gull paper-rate on desk. If he not in office, I take. I do always.’

A deep audible intake of breath caused Peterto jerk his head to face Brenda. She looked at him. ‘I never knew that. Ive never known Carlos to be in my home.’

The inspector continued. ‘Did you find the cheque?’

‘No. It not there.’

‘Tell me, Carlos, how did you get past the officers at the house the morning following the murder? They had been there since daylight. Before that, two other officers were on guard.’

Carlos fidgeted and Frank stood and paced.

‘Well?’Inspector O’Malley persisted.

It was Frank who answered. ‘Theres a side door.’

‘Where?’ OMalleys question echoed Brendas, from the other side of the glass.

Peter moved closer to Brenda. ‘Are you OK?’ She sucked in her lips and nodded but had missed the first part of Franks reply.

‘It sounded like his closet.’ She paused. ‘Oh God,’ she whispered.

The inspector must have said something similar because Carlos continued with: ‘not clozit. Like clozit. It old window. He ren-no-vate. Missus Stuck Up did not like Carlos.’ He crossed his arms and sat back.

Heat filled Brendas cheeks. Her eyes stung.

Frank continued to pace.

‘Where were you on the night Charles Stanton died?’

Carlos glared at his lawyer and swore in English. ‘You tell.’

Pressing his lips together he locked his arms tighter. Frank’s jaw jerked sideways and stiffened. Heshovedhis hands into his pockets and returnedto his seat. He glanced down at his knees and then looked into O’Malley’s eyes. ‘I think I need a lawyer.’

Brenda stood up; her mouth opened.

Carlos smiled and turned to OMalley. ‘Carlos in Mister Charles house…with Mister Frank.’

Brendas knees went weak.

‘Whoa there.’ Petergrabbed her elbow and helped her back into the chair.

She continued to listen but she could no longer watch.

‘Shut up!’ Frank exclaimed and jumped to his feet.

‘NO! You shud-up’

‘Thats enough,’ OMalley snapped back.

‘Mister Frank said Carlos must get a…’ he clicked his fingers and looked thoughtful.

‘A file, if you must know,’ Frank finished for Carlos. ‘A clients file.’

‘Go on,’ OMalley insisted calmly.

By now, Brenda had regained her posture but was taking long slow breaths to help ease an attack of nausea, which threatened to overwhelm her. She noticed that Peterhad closed his eyes. His lips were moving in silent prayer. She touched his arm.‘Thank you,’ she whispered.

Frank started to pace again; hands deep in his pockets. ‘It was the client that Charles was speaking to on the phone that night.’ He paused, and then returned to his seat placing his hands in front of him on the table. He sighed. ‘Carlos is guilty, but for only one thing: he entered Charles’ home that night without permission. I’ll continue this interview only after I make my allowed telephone call and have a lawyer present.’ He leaned back and folded his arms.

A smug grin crossed Carlos unshaven face.

OMalley officially brought the interview to a close and instructed them to wait.

Once OMalley had closed the door behind him he looked at Brenda with eyes that glistened. He smiled apologetically and asked Hoxleyto take her to his office and make coffee for three. It was going to be a long meeting.

‘A penny for your thoughts,’ Hoxley asked, handing Brenda a steaming mug of black coffee. ‘Sorry, no milk,’ he added apologetically.

‘Black is fine, thanks.’ She sniffed the tantalizing brew and sipped. She grimaced and pressed two fingers into her closed lips but not before a sob escaped. ‘Sorry,’ she sniffled.

He handed her a handkerchief from his pocket. ‘Dont be. That wasnt something any of us expected…and youre right, the coffee’s does tastes worse than it smells.’

Brenda wiped the wetness from under her eyes. She glanced down at the smear of mascara on the white cloth. ‘What will Cheryl say?’

‘Shell understand.’ He sat on the corner of the desk sipping his coffee.

O’Malley entered the room.

Still sitting, Peter pointed to a mug of coffee beside the computer. OMalley thanked him and sat down. He took a couple of long slow mouthfuls before replacing the cup on a cardboard coaster. Peter stood and moved a few steps to a chair near the door.

The office was small but comfortably furnished. She had sat on a small sofa of sorts that was probably the most expensive piece of furniture in the room. It was a lot more comfortable than Brenda felt in the silence. She sipped more of the foul tasting brew and warmed her hands on the cup.

‘Brenda,’ OMalley finally said. ‘I cant go against the magistrates court order but I think once you find another lawyer we can get some of these bail restrictions lifted. By that time we may even get you cleared of all charges.’ He looked up at his young constable thoughtfully and then back to Brenda. ‘Why dont I have Hoxley drive you to the motel and get your things.’

‘Why? I cant go home. Not yet.’

‘No. You cant,’ Hoxley answered for his boss.I think, whatInspectorOMalley is suggesting is that I take you home to stay with Cheryl and me until we organize a few things.’

‘Its not quite the norm but considering the unusual situation,’OMalleypointed in the direction of the holding cells, ‘I think youll be safer with the Hoxleys. No one, except us three, and Cheryl, will know where youll be staying.’

Brenda almost spilled her coffee. ‘What are you saying? Am I in danger?’

‘I didnt mean to alarm you but theres no easier way to say it. Yes, I believe you are in danger. From whom, Im not sure. Im hoping the only two involved are sitting in our holding cells. But, theres still a missing link and I want you safe until all this is over. You can stay with Constable Hoxley and his wife at least until I can get a safe-house, or witness protection organized.’

Brenda only realised she was shaking when hot black liquid spilled on to her hand and down into the sleeve of her jacket. She felt numb. Even when Peter had rushed out and returned with ice water, she hadnt realized her hand was scalding red.What the inspector had said in those short moments, she couldnt comprehend.

‘Why?’ Was all she could manage as Hoxley slopped icy cold water over her hand and dabbed at it lightly with his handkerchief that he had somehow retrieved from her clenched fingers.

OMalley sat beside her. ‘Brenda,’ he took her hand and checked it as he talked. ‘Im hoping it wont come to that, but you need to know before you leave here. If we uncover anything that may show you to be in danger, you have to be protected.’ He released her hand.

Her hand stayed poised in mid-air momentarily and looked down at the now stinging hand and wrist. Blowing on it she accepted the cold glass from Peter and rested it on the back of her hand, the area that smarted the most.

‘Take her via the hospital and get that checked out Hoxley. Call Cheryl before you leave here to make sure shes alone. No visitors. Understand? At least until we know more. I’ll send an officer around until you finish up here for the day.’

‘Yes, Sir.’ Peter grinned at Brenda. Looks like youll be explaining about the mascara yourself.’

Brenda could only force a small smile and thank them. ‘Im sorry,’ she said to both officers.

‘Dont be. Theres nothing to be sorry for,’ OMalley said. There was a measure of gentleness in his voice. ‘Now, I want you to try and relax while I go into the front office and get some of these calls taken care of, and while Hoxley gets organized.’

He pointed to the seat Brenda was sitting on. ‘Put your feet up while you wait.’Stepping back around the desk, he grabbed his coffee and left.

Hoxley followed but turned at the door. ‘It will be all right. Try and hand it over to the Lord.’ He smiled and closed the door behind him leaving Brenda to herself.

The cushions were soft and inviting but she was too distraught to relax. Resting her elbows on her knees and head in her hands, she wept.Realization had struck hard. Charles was dead. Murdered! ‘By whom? Carlos? Frank? Who? Am I in danger too?’Brenda bolted upright. She remembered somethingFrank had said yesterday.

‘Who was he trying to protect me from?’ She said this aloud as Hoxley stepped back into the office. She glanced at him and repeated her question.

‘We dont know. If we knew that we might start getting to the bottom of this.’ He wrapped a burns bandage loosely around her hand then retrieved a pillow from a locker beside the window. ‘Now, please. Try and rest.’

She smiled. ‘Is that an order, Constable Hoxley?’

‘A direct order.’ He grinned and left the room.

Finally Brenda allowed herself to close her eyes.

穢 Chrissy Siggee

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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a short murder mystery for the Christian reader – Part 3

Sunbeams danced through small clear sections of the stained glass window that stood tall at the front of the church. A young and pretty Cheryl Hoxley smiled warmly and introduced Brenda to a few of the women as they found their way to an empty pew.

Brenda returned her greetings quietly; it wasn’t because she felt awkward. In fact, it almost felt like visiting a long lost relative. Memories of her grandmother holding her tiny hand raced into her thoughts. She had been barely eight-years-old swinging her legs back and forth under a long bench at the rear of Kingsley Chapel with her cousins. There had been a simple wooden cross that hung behind a brass eagle lectern. This was back before her parents had divorced and she moved to the city with her mother.

Peter Hoxley handed Brenda an opened hymn book. Her eyes closed to the familiar tune from the pipe organ that began with vibrancy. Bread of Heaven, Bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more.The words seemed to bounce off the ceiling and back down to her. I am weak but thou art mighty... Brenda allowed the words to shroud her like a hug.

Young Cheryls sweet voice was almost drowned out by a booming off-key male baritone. Brenda looked passed Cheryl. It was coming from the young police officer. His head was held high and his eyes closed.

‘Strong Deliv’rer, Strong Deliv’rer. Be Thou still my strength and shield…’ He sang with no care of who was watching or listening.

Following Cheryls lead, Brenda closed the hymn book and shut her eyes. The minister prayed a prayer of praise and thanksgiving before the congregation repeated his amen.

The service proceeded from Bible readings to prayers and then a solo by one of the choir members. Brenda couldn’t recall the hymn but the words were beautiful. The message the preacher gave was based on familiar Scripture. Ecclesiastes chapter three: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…”

When the service was over, Brenda followed the Hoxleys to the door where they briefly introduced her to Pastor Steve Knox, a pleasant middle-aged gentleman with greying thick hair and a toothy grin. He shook her hand and thanked her for coming, hoping she had enjoyed his sermon. She said she did and smiled as they left.

They descended the steps of the church to the car parking area. Before they got to the car, Hoxleys cell phone rang. He answered it and then turned to Cheryl and Brenda with an apologetic smile, walked over to a nearby tree and continued his call.

Cheryl opened the car door to allow Brenda into the back seat.

‘Sorry about that,’Cheryl said, as she settled into the front passenger seat. ‘It comes with the job, but he loves what he does…and he does it well,’ she added, just as Peter opened the door and got in.

He reached over and touched his wifes hand. ‘And, I have a very understanding wife,’ he finished with a boyish grin.

Turning back to Brenda, Hoxley turned sombre. ‘That was Inspector OMalley. He needs to see you first thing tomorrow at the station.’ He paused. ‘Sorry’. Then he looked at his wife and smiled again. ‘But now, how about lunch for you two special ladies?’

Brenda didnt ask why the inspector wanted to see her, but she did ask: ‘Officer Hoxley, would you mind if we drive pass my house? I just need to see it. I think…’

‘Please,’ he interrupted. ‘Call me Peter when Im not on duty, and of course we can do that. In fact, I think it may help you. Thats if Cheryl doesnt mind us taking a little detour.’

‘No. Thats fine,’ Cheryl replied with a warm smile.

It was a quiet ride to Brendas house. Peter slowed as he turned into her street. He pulled up in front of the gate and turned the engine off.

‘Thats strange,’ Brenda said softly. She looked over the leaf covered lawn and the rose garden by the gate. The dead dried up blooms created an unkempt appearance. ‘I wonder where Carlos is.’

‘Whos Carlos?’ Peter asked.

Brenda looked at him through a haze of interrupted thought. ‘The gardener. Carlos works every Sunday, rain or shine. No matter whats going on, he always shows.’

She looked at Peter then added, ‘his reliability is the only thing I liked about him. Charles hired him a couple of years ago. I didnt like him. He…’ Brenda froze and stared at a spot on the windscreen. She felt suddenly cold and nauseous.

‘Are you all right?’ Cheryl and Peter asked in unison.

‘Brenda?’ Peter turned in his seat to face her. ‘What is it? What about Carlos?’

Brenda suddenly snapped out of her trance. ‘We need to go. I need to get my jacket from the motel before we go to lunch. Its getting cool.’ She glanced at Peter, then to Cheryl. ‘If you dont mind.’

Brenda could feel Peter studying her before he turned and started the car.

Once they had turned out of the street Brenda apologized. ‘I remember the thing I couldnt stand most about Carlos. He smelled. No. He stunk…of garlic. Ive always hated the smell of garlic. I refused to have anything to do with hiring him. I left the interviews up to Charles. It was the same pungent odour I smelt the other day on the stairs…and thatnight.’ Brenda grimaced.

Peter braked gently, pulling to a stop in front of the motel. He looked over his shoulder. ‘Are you telling me you could smellCarlos in the house?’

Her eyes met Peters. ‘Yes. Yes, Im certain of it.’

A loud rap on the car window beside Brenda startled them all. It was Frank Davies, Brenda’s lawyer.

Brenda opened the window. ‘What is it, Frank?’

‘What is the meaning of this?’ He directed this question at Peter then turned back to Brenda. ‘Where have you been? Come on. I think you better get inside.’

Peter opened his door and came round to speak to Frank. ‘Excuse me, but Brendas bail doesnt include your twenty-four hour a day surveillance. You were only required to escort her to collect personal belongings from the house after her release and take her to the motel.’

Frank stepped back. ‘Oh…um…sorry. Im only trying to protect my client.’

‘Protect her from what?’

‘It doesnt matter.’ Frank apologized again and walked hastily to his Cadillac. He got in and drove off.

‘Hes an odd fellow,’ Peter said, as he assisted Brenda from the car. ‘Do you want me to come with you?’

‘No. I’m fine, thank you. I think the media have given up following me. I wont be long.’

She dashed into the motel and headed for her room to retrieve her jacket before returning to the waiting Hoxleys. She wasnt gone more than five minutes.

Peter took Cheryl and Brenda to a small restaurant. The waitress led them to a quiet table in the back, as Peter had requested. Brenda slipped into the booth first and then decided to use the opportunity to thank the couple for their hospitality and friendship.

‘I enjoyed your church service. Thank you,’ she said, and meant it. Small talk followed until their orders were taken.

‘Brenda?’ Peter’s voice was low and seriousness. ‘You were telling me about Carlos. What else can you tell me about him?’

‘Im sorry. As I said, I left all the employment details to Charles. I know that Carlos was recommended by Frank Davies…’

‘Your lawyer?’

‘Frank was Charles lawyer. He hired him to do the legal stuff in regard to his contracts. Frank seemed to just appear at the police station and took over my case.’

Brenda hadnt realized how hungry she was until she saw a server walk by, carrying hot plates brimming with food, but she still needed Peter to answer a few questions of her own before she could think about eating.

‘Peter, why do I need to go to the police station tomorrow? Does Frank know? Will I need him there?’

Their meals arrived at that moment and the next few minutes were spent enjoying the aroma and thepresentation of their meals.

Peterplaced his napkin on his lap and sighed. ‘I cant say much more right now but I can tell you that we have Carlos in custody. Apparently he was the person Sergeant McDougal chased the other day.’ He reached for Cheryls hand, then Brendas. ‘My only suggestion in regard to Frank Davies is we should help you find another lawyer.’

Peter bowed his head and gave thanks.

穢 Chrissy Siggee

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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a short murder mystery for the Christian reader – Part 2

The gate slammed behind Brenda, causing her to shudder. The sounds of prison still echoed in her mind.

Frank Davies reached for her elbow to steady her.

Its all right, Frank. I have to do this sooner or later.

They walked down the autumn leaf-covered pathway that led to Brendas home, still ribboned off by the authorities. A uniformed police constable stood with his hands behind his back in the opened doorway, blocking their way. The badge showed his name to be Hoxley. Frank handed the thirty-ish Hoxley a copy of Brendas bail conditions, one of which she could collect personal items from the bedroom of the crime scene under the supervision of her lawyer.

Hoxley tipped his cap to Brenda. Im sorry, Mrs Stanton. Please accept my condolences.

Brenda nodded and tried to smile and wondered at the thought of how strange a statement it was, made by one of those who had arrested her.

Frank led her into the front entry toward the stairs but Brenda froze and her head involuntarily turned toward the opening that led to the study where she had last seen Charles. Another police officer stood to the side of the wide double doors. An outline of Charles body had been drawn on the carpet. A darkened dried bloodstain remained in the beige plush pile they had chosen together when they refurbished after their fifth wedding anniversary. Brenda shuddered and forced herself to look away. She felt Frank nudge her gently forward snapping her out of her nostalgia.

Part way up the stairs she paused to glance over the rail and beyond to the kitchen. Her chin lifted slightly and her nose wrinkled before she proceeded up the steps to the bedroom. Frank stood just outside in what seemed an attempt to Brenda as an unspoken gesture of privacy.

In the bathroom, Brenda reached for her make-up bag. Her eyes fell on Charles razor and the aftershave bottle that she had purchased for him on a recent trip to Hawaii. The familiar scent lingered on Charles robe that hung behind the door. Silent tears flowed as she forced herself to pack a small suitcase she had placed on the bed. Theres no time for memories right now, she pondered while shoving some clean nightwear and underclothing into a zipped section inside the suitcase. She methodically continued to pack, stopping briefly to fold Charles bathrobe around their wedding photo.

Brenda closed the bag and zipped it. Looking around the room, she considered tidying up the mess the police had made searching for who-knows-what.

Are you ready to leave? Frank asked, approaching her quietly and reaching for her suitcase.

Yes. Yes, please lets go.

She turned and walked promptly to the landing where she stopped suddenly. Her head jerked downward.

Frank moved quickly to her side. What is it?

A slight thump beneath caused them both to move to the railing and look over. The officer that had been by the double doors had drawn his gun and was rushing in the direction of the kitchen.

You heard that, right? Brenda whispered.

I think we all did, he replied, nodding toward Hoxley who had rushed into the front entry hall.

But what was it? Its the same sound, the same色 She sniffed. The same odour.

Frank sniffed too and then shrugged.

They continued to the stairs and began the descent. Partway down Brenda stopped again where she had paused earlier. She sank down onto a step and touched her forehead with the palm of her hand.

Are you all right? It was Hoxley.

Yes, thank you. I thought I saw something她r at least remembered that I had seen something.

A gunshot sounded, then nothing. A few minutes later the other police officer returned.

Theres something definitely strange going on here, he said to no one in particular before he replaced his gun into its pouch.

Brenda looked down at him. W安hat?

Young Hoxley dashed toward the kitchen generating strange looks from both Frank and the other officer. Brenda just let her head droop slowly forward to fight off a moment of dizziness.

It seemed to Brenda that Hoxley had just materialized in front of her a few steps down. He placed a glass of water to her lips.

Thank you, Brenda said after a few sips and taking the glass from him.

What do you mean by theres something strange going on here? Frank suddenly demanded. Shouldnt we take a look? Who were you shooting at? Whats going on around here? Shouldnt I匈色

The other officer rushed up the stairs before he could continue. He grabbed Franks elbow and pulled him roughly down the last few steps and out of Brendas hearing.However, she did notice the signal for Hoxley to stay with her.

Brenda thanked Hoxley again and gave him the glass before attempting to stand, but he gently placed his hand palm-down on her shoulder to keep her seated.

I know I heard something that night, she began, and I saw something. I just cant remember what.

Its all right Maam. Well get to the bottom of it. Leave it to the authorities. Inspector OMalley has had two officers here since day one keeping an eye on things. A few things dont fit, but were working on it. Hoxley sat beside her and took something from his shirt pocket. In the meantime, you may like to get some help地nd maybe some other answers. He handed her something that looked like a business card and Brenda took it distractedly.

At that moment Frank returned. He appeared exasperated but Brenda didnt know him well enough to read him. Although he seemed to be a good lawyer, he was also a very strange man with not much in the way of compassion.

Brenda gave her thanks again to Hoxley after he helped her into the car. He smiled through the side window and returned to his post by the front door. The thump of the closing boot lid startled her and she watched in a daze as Frank opened the drivers door and got in.

Whats that? Frank asked, peering over the driver seat at Brenda.

She stared at a small card in her hand. She wondered momentarily how it got there. City Central Family Church, she read aloud.

Ah宇hats not far from my own church. If you want, I can take you to either one on Sunday. I havent been for months. I never get the time these days. At least not since my wife up and left with the kids.

When Frank turned the corner the tree lined street disappeared from sight. His one-sided conversation seemed to fade into a haze of an all ready confused dream. She studied the front of the card and then the back. There was a phone number for a Peter and Cheryl Hoxley.

God and church had never been a priority in their busy lives. The only times they had gone to church were for weddings or funerals. If there is a God安hy would he let this happen?She whispered.

Placing her hands in her lap she looked out the window barely aware of Franks constant chatter.God, help me. Help me to remember. Help the authorities find Charles killer. Please God色

Frank? Brenda finally interrupted as his pristine restored Cadillac pulled to a stop at the motel. What did that other police officer have to say to you that I couldnt hear?

The engine silenced along with his chattering. Sergeant McDougal? Um好othing for you to worry about. It um地ppears the police have some new leads. Thats all I should say for now.

With the short conversation ended, Frank led her to the motel lobby. He was about to place the suitcase down to wait for the elevator when reporters and cameramen rushed toward them. Thedingof the elevator announcing its arrival had them rushing in before the doors opened fully. Brenda whimpered as the doors closed. Frank pressed the button for the fifth floor.

穢 Chrissy Siggee

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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