After the Rain

Our drainage problem last year has certainly been fixed.
No more sinking ankle deep in mud and slush.
Everything is green and flourishing.
Changes here and there. Finding just the right spot in the garden for this and that.
Our latest addition to a plain corner.
I love the sound of running water.
A few empty pots ready for an Autumn annual or two..
A view from the BBQ area
and one from the corner seat.
Something in every nook and cranny to make it just right.
We finally found a water feature that’s different and doesn’t feel over whelming. Do you like it?

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Summer Garden

Bottle Brush bush weighed down with it’s first season’s bloom.
Sunny places to sit and wander.
The sun shines on the bird bath making it glisten.
The weather station, a Christmas gift, is doing it’s job.
We’ve had a lot of rain. This time last year we were in a drought. When the drought broke the lawn turned into a marsh land but the drainage our son put in back in August 2020 is working perfectly. Gumboots no longer required.
Still planting and harvesting.
It’s amazing to think this was our backyard in January 2020.

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Summer Harvests

We never know what vegetables we’re having for lunch or tea until we harvest.
It’s been like this most days.
Last of the yellow tomatoes from the first planting. There must have been at least 10 containers like this picked to date. This last lot are mostly green but we had to pull the plant out because it was taking over the garden.
The new plant is already a metre high and flowering.
Silverbeet is almost finished but corn and yellow beans are already in and growing.

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Herbs, Herbs, Herbs.

Thyme & Sage
Chives. Why do you struggle so?
More sage and Borage. I haven’t grown Borage for years. Looking forward to Borage tea.
Yes. More Sage and Basil.
Rosemary looking good. Tastes good too.
These are some of the first herbs I planted in March. We used up all the basil. Waiting for seeds to grow.
mmmm…You may have guessed that Basil is a favourite.
Oregano is looking a little poorly but it’s still great on pizzas. There’s always plenty of Parsley. The 3 x 3 pots in above 3 photos are all situated at Norm’s finger tips for when he’s cooking on the BBQ or in the Pizza oven.
Fresh herbs ready for indoor cooked meals over the next few days. Did I say I love Basil?

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Garden Flourishing

I’ve never had any success with strawberries in the past.
Almost hidden on one side by the yellow tomatoes growing in veggie plot 1.
I love tomatoes but they don’t like me and Norm just doesn’t eat them unless they’re cooked and mixed in with other ingredients. These are small oval yellow tomatoes with a very low acidic level. I can eat them fresh with a salad or cook them. They cook well when they are green too.
Spinach, lettuce and capsicum are also in good supply. More photos soon.

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A day in the garden…Saturday.

We started the day by visiting a couple of nurseries.
This rose was perfect. (our son is a bush fire fighter)

Shortly after we returned home we received visitors into the garden
but they decided to go next door when they saw we were busy.

I actually bought two Fire Fighter Red roses.
The other one we’ll give to our son.

We also bought this white climbing rose called Iceberg.

I took a few pics of new blooms and garden features.

Covid has slowed up a garden arch order from Western Australia. It could be months before it’s delivered so we bought a cheap one so we could continue our garden plans.

More pics.

We took a rest at the end of the path to take more pics and imagine what else we could do.

I then checked if the gnomes were home…

…and if Mitzi was still hanging around.

Thanks for stopping by.
We hope to have another day in the garden soon.

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Garden Additions

Norm is connecting with the garden and adding his imagination and creations.

I’ve read that dark fences do not make gardens look smaller but rather enhance the garden. I think they’re right.

Do you see the additional Australian baby animals?

A view from the garden seat.

and a view from the bottom of the steps.

Last week we created a strawberry tower together and added a few local finds to the garden.

Norm is getting involved with his own additions.

It’s all looking good.

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Vegetable garden take over.

Retirement finally. First week at home and the garden plots became a reality.

It’s an amazing transformation.

The broad beans were left in their boxes so as not to disturb the roots.

I’ll be having a serving of my favourite green vegetables soon.

Seedlings in the centre garden are starting well.

The transplanted spinach and lettuce have been sampled already this past week.

The brussel sprouts continue to thrive in their box and potatoes are growing well too.


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Early Bloomers

While watering the garden pots and vegetable plots this morning, I noticed that many early Spring bloomers were sneaking though.

This Hibiscus is just 30cm high yet it’s covered in orange blooms. I can only imagine the spectacular picture it will make in a few years.

This shrub type of Australian Bottlebrush is just 20cm high yet it has it’s first flower plus at least 6 other buds.

Other low growing Australian natives are showing off their first.

Back ground shade bloomers. (the water lilies are fake)

I love these little pink clusters of flowers.

I don’t think this one is a native but pretty just the same.

These little red bells have been showing off for at least a month and they’re still blooming. I had to include them.

I don’t know yet when the Frangipani will spring to life but every other one I have seen in the neighbourhood are looking the same. There’s plenty of pansies looking their best and more bulbs are coming up in the mean time. The purple Iris is displaying evidence of what’s to come.

The lavender can’t miss out on the attention.

I need to google some of these bulbs. Many of the tags have faded or blown away with the August winds.

I’ll be sharing more next week. Thanks for stopping by our garden. If you can’t find me, I’ll probably be in the garden.

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