Growing things from seeds, seedlings and cuttings.

There’s not much room but it’s just enough to start propagating. We have a few mature plants but I love watching plants grow from seeds, seedlings or even cuttings. Everything from succulents to ferns. Herbs and vegetables… although we’re limited of how much space but it’s a start.




Mixed lettuce (the pot in background has spinach seeds in it)


Im in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


What’s wrong with my staghorn?

I bought this about a month ago online from our favourite nursery not far from home. We used the click and collect option. The stag was all green with just a fine outline of the lower part in a brown tinge when we mounted it to the fence. It could be the cooler Autumn weather we’re experiencing but it also could be just early days of the relocation. Any ideas? Derrick? other’s? Anyone? Don’t forget this is Australia.Staghorn April 20

Im in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace