1,500 Trees Planted

That’s a lot of koala food trees.

The seedlings are located at a plantation on the Maria River and donated to the Koala Hospital. Here they grow not just local trees but also for koalas in other areas of the state where fires have destroyed habitats and for sick and injured koalas that are in the hospital’s ICU, rehabilitation and permanent care with koalas that cannot be released due to their injuries or disease. Today, Norm and I worked on the trees that have been there 2-3 & 4 years to remove mass saplings from tree trunks so the healthiest saplings can grow without being stunted or strangled by the multiple saplings. Mass saplings can also become a moisture trap becoming vulnerable for bug infestation. Because these branches need to be at a reachable height by leaf/branch collectors, we try and keep the new sprout to grow outward and slightly downward. Once the tree is too high, it becomes an OH&S issue for the volunteers collecting the daily leaf required.

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A Visit to the Plantation.

Yesterday, I went with Norm to the Koala Hospital tree plantation where we grown, not only local food trees but trees for koalas who come in to the hospital some distance away in other home ranges. Norm usually does one day a week at the plantation under the guidence of the manager. The plantation not only has acres of very old trees but also rows and rows of trees from seedlings, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old. There we pruned dead wood and new shoots that will choked healthier limbs to encourage growth at the lower part of the tree so leaf collectors can’t climb. The plantation is where most of the source of fresh leaf is collected every morning of the year for the ICU, rehabilitating and the permanant koalas that cannot be released into the wild because of blindness, severe injuries and organ damaged caused by diseases among other health issues. It was a beautiful sunny morning without being to hot. I hope to learn more from the manager, and Norm, about the different species of gum trees so I can recognise which leaf is which when I feed the koalas. We try and give the koalas 3 varieties every day but those special change slightly each day. The trip over to the north shore of the river is quite a pleasant drive. I hope to take more photos of the fauna and flora in the area next time.

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