It’s going to be a slow process.

The beginnings of our courtyard garden. The lawn is looking great so we’ll need to be careful not to ruin it now that plans and digging has begun.


This pipe doesn’t show on any pipe and plumbing map. Fortunately it’s a rain water run off pipe. We’ll just have to work around it and with it. This I hope will be my work area. IMG_2458

Screening, pond and native garden. Slow and steady.


And still collecting rain water.IMG_2456

View from rear steps. IMG_2454

Growing things from seeds, seedlings and cuttings.

There’s not much room but it’s just enough to start propagating. We have a few mature plants but I love watching plants grow from seeds, seedlings or even cuttings. Everything from succulents to ferns. Herbs and vegetables… although we’re limited of how much space but it’s a start.




Mixed lettuce (the pot in background has spinach seeds in it)