Happy New Year

I’m sorry that there is no specific post for New Year this year but I leave you with some of the many residents and places we have found in our new town. There’s more to be introduced to and more places to explore with new experiences to come as we enter a new year and new beginnings.

May God bless you all as as He has blessed us.


Meet my Adopted Koala

Unfortunately, my first adopted koala, Breeza Grant, died a few months ago while recovering from a brain damage caused by a train accident. I have now transferred my adoption support to Barrington Xavier, another train accident victim. He is in permanent residence at the Koala Hospital due to his injuries. As you can see he is doing well despite being totally blind. However, he is often found by the staff walking in circles and needing assistance to be reunited with his favourite tree. This disorientation is due to brain injury as well as his blindness. I was very impressed to see Barrington Xavier thriving in the care of the hospital staff and volunteers when I visited the hospital recently .

Photography by Norm & Chrissy Siggee for Riverside Peace