In the trees

But up here it’s amazing.
Sometimes we just wanted to stay awhile.
One of the many huge staghorn ferns we saw.
Amazing trees. Huge and very old.
Now that’s a big tree. We were close to the end of the walkway and close to the ground. We couldn’t see the top of this one.
The base of this one wouldn’t fit into the camera viewer.
We could hear the roaring of the waves of a nearby beach.

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Photos by Norm Siggee

Special Places and Great Memories #7

Copy right 807

With granddaughter at Tin City –
Stockton Beach New South Wales, Australia 2019

Copy right 808

Road to Dubbo – Central West New South Wales, Australia 2018

Copy right 809

Orange – Central West New South Wales, Australia 2018

Copy right 810

Bago Maze – Bago Mid North Coast New South Wales, 2018

Copy right 811

Hill Top Tulip Farm – Sutton Forrest South West New South Wales – 2019

Copy right 812

Floriade – Canberra Australian Capital Territory, Australia 2019

Photography by Norm and Chrissy for Riverside Peace

Mother’s Day Drive

Highs of the day.

Sun 10 2

An astounding 490 metres above sea level.

Sun 10 3

A beautiful Sunny Sunday.

Sun 10 4

From the North Brother we could see the South and Middle Brother Mountains.

Sun 10 5

We were down there last week taking a drive.

Sun 10 6

Who would believe such a beautiful lookout is situated just 30 minutes south of home.

Sun 10 7

The canal to the Pacific Ocean

Sun 10 8

Looking up the coast.

Sun 10 9

Mountains to the north.

Sun 10 10

Queens Lake north of Laurieton.

Sun 10 May 1

Photography by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


Special Places and Great Memories #4


Amish country Ohio, America 2008


East Coast – Tasmania, Australia 2015

Pa's famous seal-imp

Seal Island – Southern Tasmania, Australia 2015

South Coast Holiday with Dad-imp

South Coast – New South Wales, Australia 2012


South Coast – New South Wales, Australia 2012


Richmond – New South Wales, Australia 2007


East Coast – Tasmania, Australia 2014


Amish Country – Ohio, America 2008

Photography by Chrissy at Riverside Peace