Dylan – Our Wild Grandson

A few years ago, Norm bought me a small Canon IXUS to carry in my backpack ready for the unexpected. I encouraged him to learn how to use the Canon EOS 650 so we could take photos together on our walks. I think he’s done quite well. What do you think?


Happy New Year

I’m sorry that there is no specific post for New Year this year but I leave you with some of the many residents and places we have found in our new town. There’s more to be introduced to and more places to explore with new experiences to come as we enter a new year and new beginnings.

May God bless you all as as He has blessed us.


22 Thousand Hectares Burned….

Almost 22 Thousand Hectares Burned in this area alone. This 30km stretch of the Pacific Highway was closed when we were heading north on Sunday. It reopen late yesterday but left our return trip until this morning. Sorry about the blurry photos. I took these from the car.

This was yesterdays report: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-13/fires-in-the-region-of-taree-have-burnt-through-21500-hectares/11699210