Whispers of the Dawn

Whispers of the Dawn

Gentle raindrops drizzle down,
Splashing into pond and streams.
Morning freshness all around
Spirit, wake from earthly dreams.

Robins greet the tranquil dawn
Sun-kissed roses, drip with dew
Crickets sing and daisies yawn
Light reveals this daily view.

Morning come with restful calm
Gentle whispers of the dawn
Touch me with His healing balm,
Former days and troubles gone.

Stillness come from deep within,
Peace and wonder fill this hour;
Praise and glory to begin,
Lord, fill me with your power.

Breathe new life into my soul
Fill my needs with your embrace.
Every day you make me whole,
In the knowledge of your grace.

Peaceful moments with my Lord,
Calmness flows within my veins,
Nature sings in sweet accord,
While His presence still remains.

Sunrays change to pastel hues,
Breathing in your gentle peace
Stillness of the dawn infuse,
Your great power to release.

Solace comes in daily prayer
Quiet dawn, my favourite hour
Wonders of His love declare
Daily blessings to empower.

穢 Chrissy Siggee

From my book: Glimpses of His Glory ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Glimpses of His Glory – the poem

Spring has replaced the winters frosty dawn;

Birds return with sounds reclaimed

Their brilliant colours grace the skies.


Honey-suckle scent lingers in the air!

Buds burst open to reveal their hidden treasure

Amid the shades of a rainbow, flowers flourish.


Butterflies dance from blossom to bloom,

Trees announce the season with tender leaves

Like fingers, they point towards the sky.


The distant roar of an aircraft engine

Threatens to steal the tranquil peace

I smile at the sunshine and capture its warmth.


O Lord, this is a new day!

I breathe in your freshness

And walk in your truth;

I stand in your righteousness,

Kneel in your holy presence,

And take in a glimpse of your glory.


穢 Chrissy Siggee

From my book: Glimpses of His Glory ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Author and Designer

Oh the beauty of the valley,

Swept with the new days mist

Timeless splendour through rolling hills

Capture the essence of creation.


Mountains rise above the plains,

Casting shadows like a caressing hug

Calmness enfolds the perilous terrains

Mirror the heart of their designer.


Distant thunder announces the rain,

Freshness rises to the clouds

Soundless rhythm of the breeze

Captivate the plan of each formation.


I can almost hear the angels sing,

Hundreds praise the name of the Lord

An endless chorus fills the air

Praise to God, the founding author.


穢 Chrissy Siggee


From my bookGlimpses of His Glory