Goodbyes are always hard…

Reverend David Curtis passed away on Friday 14th April shortly before 9am. David will be sadly missed by everyone at St Thomas Anglican Church Port Macquarie. He has been part of the pastoral care team I coordinate. David’s wisdom and experience he brought to the team has always been appreciated as too his willingness to do end-of-life and palliative care visits for me. David was also much involved with prayer and healing ministries.

Please check out his blog – David Curtis

Good News – Followed by an Upset

The specialist has given me the all clear to begin walking and strengthening my right leg again – but at a slow pace. He gave me a medical certificate to return to light duties where I volunteer at the Koala Hospital. I’ll probably make plans to return in the next week or two. We celebrated at our favourite Tandori Indian restaurant on the way home.

When we arrived home I was checking my emails and found a receipt sent from the nursery we haven’t been to since before the surgery. While phoning them I opened my bank account online to discover that over $2,500 had been withdrawn from our bank account using my visa/debit card for 10 transactions from places we’ve never heard of. This, was all done while we were at the specialist centre and at the restaurant. The emailed receipt was actually “coincidental”and not related to funds but for bonus points received for a transaction paid by the correct person on the correct card. All good there but I don’t believe in coincidents. More likely a God-intervention-instant. I may not have check the account until later in the day if that receipt hadn’t come .

We cancelled the card immediately over the phone. As soon as the card was cancelled, more visa payments hit a dead-end while we were talking on the phone. Bank security hope to hit the source through those transactions.

Unfortunately, even though the 10 amounts were still at “pending” we have to wait up to 6 weeks for our claim to process.

Fortunately, that card account is not our main account but it was our household account for utilities and other household bills, medical bills, and grocery funds etc. Sigh…. We really didn’t need that.

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Recovery Time

With the next 5 weeks of non-weight-bearing, I thought I might start painting some of the garden ornaments in time for Spring. I’ll begin with the larger items and work down to smaller items like the fairies and smaller gnomes around the pond.

Mother duck held up well this winter but her bill and feet are in need of a touch-up, as too the mushroom stool and larger gnomes in the front garden.

At present this is the only part of the back garden I can see from the wheelchair. I’m hoping with some slight rearrangement of items at the side of the house, I’ll be able to sit in the outdoor kitchen diner but for now I’m content to enjoy the verandah and the recovery of myself and of weather beaten garden favourites.

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Surgery Today!

If you have read my post Inconceivable Times this post is a follow-up.

By the time you read this, I will have already been wheeled in and out of surgery. My appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday left me with a number of forms, pre-operation fees and, a very clear understanding of what is going on and what is going to happen. It’s all been rushed because there was a cancellation which was offered to me so it could be done ASAP.

I will need hip replacements in perhaps a year or five but that will be to far off to leave the gluteus medius muscle unattached. This surgery is called the “right hip abductor repair”. I will be in hospital for 2-3 weeks with a further 6 weeks of non-weight bearing at home with extensive rehabilitation.

Once I’m through the worst of the post surgery drowsiness and pain medication, I hope to be back using my laptop in my hospital bed if not for much else than reading some of my favourite WordPress bloggers posts. You may even get a post-op photo of the 20cm -30cm incision for the more bolder followers.

I have pre-scheduled daily posts so you don’t miss me too much.


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Thank you, everyone!

Congratulations! Your site, Riverside Peace, passed 50,000 all-time views.

I created the website back in 2013 but for some reason I couldn’t get back in. The site stayed dormant until March 14th 2017 when I decided it was time to figure it all out.

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Lockdown Update

My dad passed away just after 2am yesterday, Saturday July 10th. The on duty RN was able to alert me in time for me to sit with him until he was gone. I didn’t have any sleep before or after, so I was exhausted by the time the undertakers left a 9.30am. With this horrid lockdown there will be just three plus the celebrant at the graveside funeral. Norm, myself and our son Ken, who lives within the lockdown boundaries, and where we’ll stay until we head home – outside the lockdown area. If the lockdown is just for another two weeks we’ll remain in the Sydney lockdown. If it’s for a longer period as they have predicted we’ll head home under the Covid rules at that time, including a self isolation in our own home and Covid tests. It’s difficult to plan anything beyond a day or two at a time with restrictions changing at short notice.

The last photo we took before Dad was bedridden a few weeks ago.

With most of my photos on my desktop at home, I won’t be able to add more until we return home..

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With one finger out of action…

It’s hard to type with my right pointer finger wrapped up.

On the Friday before Christmas the wind slammed the car door shut on the tip of my finger bursting it open at the base of the nail. It’s no longer painful but I need to keep the top half of the finger well padded to allow the nail to come off on it’s own. It’s going to be a slow process but with the side not lifted embedded in the flesh under that side of the nail, all that can be done is to wait. Typing has also become a very slow process.


We’re packing up and leaving town!

Yes, we have sold up and heading to a better climate. The next few weeks will be hectic so I will only be online as time allows. I have scheduled some new posts and some archived posts for you to enjoy during that time. I will of cause try to respond to comments when I can. Your websites and blogs will be my only reading when I have the pleasure of down time but I may not have time to leave you more than a “like”.  I will leave a new post when we’re settled enough to return to a more normal routine. Thanks to everyone ahead of time for supporting me on Riverside Peace.