Rhythm of an Evening Song

 Crickets chant and shadows dance…

Moonbeams peek through distant trees,

Where birds sing in hypnotic trance

That seems to echo beyond the seas.


Clouds drift by, and stars shine…

Leaves rustle with the evening breeze,

Bringing peaceful charm to God’s design,

And tames the night owl with new ease.


Creation sleeps and nature rests…

Summer’s fragrance fills the air,

In His presence, I am blessed

To end the day with evening prayer.


© Chrissy Siggee
From my book: Glimpses of His Glory

Absorbed in Wonder

Raindrops trickle from velvet soft roses by the gate—
Ladybugs struggle to keep a grip on moistened leaves—
Butterflies flutter their feather-light wings
And mottled stalks assent to the rising breeze.

Beyond the path that leads to the meadow,
Sparrows take flight from their nesting trees—
Creating rain-soaked leaves to glisten like shattered mirrors
And sunrays capture the essence of the after rain.

Honeysuckle saturates the air with its perfume
Mingling with the simple freshness of dampened earth,
That fills the air with splendour and His goodness
And penetrates the senses with pure simplicity.

Robins sing their chorus to the retreating storm—
Fleeting clouds drift across the distant sky,
While trailing shadows chase the thinning haze
And disappear into carefree sunbeams along the rise.

Unfurling colours spread as ribbons above the trees—
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
Etching an archway across the clearing heavens
And embracing the distant hills with the perfect kiss.

I close my eyes to soak up the enchanting beauty—
Tranquil moments fill my thirsty soul,
His blessed peace flows through my inner being
And imprints the perfect scene within my mind.

© Chrissy Siggee


From my book:  Glimpses of His Glory