Roof Top Dancing

tap, tap, tap…
thud, thud,
bump bump.


There is someone on my roof…
It sounds like they are dancing.

tap, tap, tap…
thud, thud,
bump bump.


I wonder if this roof is dance-proof…
It wouldn’t be for elephants prancing.

tap, tap, tap…
thud, thud,
bump bump.


Who is dancing on my roof?
Toward the eaves they’re now advancing.

tap, tap, tap…
thud, thud,
bump bump.


I sneaked a peek to find the proof…
To do this, it took some chancing.

tap, tap, tap…
thud, thud,
bump bump.


There is someone dancing on my roof!
— It’s three galahs belly-dancing.

© Chrissy Siggee

Me and My Writing….

I don’t care what people say

It’s time to look the other way.

If I want to write – I will

with or without a copyright.


Poems, fiction and mysteries,

for children and adults.

Whatever takes my fancy – oh yeah…

It’s what I like to do.


My grammar may not be perfect

and rhyme is not my forte

But whatever I write –

I write with all my heart.


Grandchildren love my nonsense,

Friends enjoy a jingle.

I only write for them and those

Who enjoy my writing most.


© Chrissy Siggee

I’m Daddy’s Little Princess

I spilt my juice twice this morning,

before I went to school—

It was mother’s final warning;

I broke her golden rule.


In class I found an old crayon,

I used it on the wall.

My teacher—she did carried on;

She didn’t like my scrawl.


There’s a boy in school—he won’t share,

his name is Peter Kirk…

He scribbled a word on my chair;

he really is a jerk.


At lunch I told him he was rude,

I got the blame for that smut!

He said I had an attitude,

So, I kicked him in the butt.


I hid behind the toilet block,

ripped the ears off his bear,

and stayed out there ‘til two o’clock—

Call my mum—I don’t care.


At three I went home on the bus

and thought about my day—

My brother made an awful fuss,

I think I’ll run away.


Oh no! there’s Mum tapping her foot;

She’s waiting at the gate

I wonder now—should I stay put,

or take my daily fate.


But Mum…it wasn’t really me,

That’s all I can recall—

I’m Daddy’s little princess see,

and he won’t mind at all.


© Chrissy Siggee