An Abundance of Greens.

This week we harvested snap peas, broad beans, spinach, spring onions and 4 types of lettuce: Butter-Head, Red-Leaf, Loose-Leaf and Little Gem.

Yesterday Norm experimented with pizzas on his new outdoor cooker/BBQ. However, our new friends and alfresco dinner guests were totally surprised by the taste. Norm has always been often called “Normando” the pizza man. I was able to make up a beautiful green salad with item mostly from the garden.

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Alfresco Kitchen/Diner Completed.

Norm’s new BBQ/Pizza Oven/Cooker
First, check instructions.
View to back garden.
Decor creations.
Herb pots scattered around for handy use in cooking.
If you check the photo Norm is in, you will notice the new outdoor clock. The photo with the art work above was taken before we decided to put up the clock. The artwork won’t be down for long. We’ll find a new place in the garden for it. I’m pretty sure we aren’t finished yet with what goes where but I’m sure future photos will reveal changes here and there.

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A Bargain and another Snap Lock-down.

We found these 2 black concrete pots on Gumtree, a local online market place similar to eBay. They were just $10AUS each. While waiting for the tiling to be completed we spent our time stripping the layers of old paint, sealed and painted them white. When the alfresco kitchen/dining is completed I’ll post update photos. Update: We have gone back into a snap lock-down. Our tiler can only do emergencies. Again we wait.

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Norm’s got worms.

Norm’s worm farm has produced enough fertilizer to keep the garden well fed since we first planted seeds and seedlings into polystyrene banana boxes early last year. Today, after a good flush out I was able to fertilize all the vegetables and herbs in the plots and pots. Norm’s worms are thriving and so is the garden.

I couldn’t take photos while our hands were covered in worm poop but here’s a pic of the worm farm – front left.
Everything looks healthy. This past week we have picked spinach, lettuce, broad beans and leeks.
Even the the strawberries are doing well.

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Spring is Coming

Lettuce, cherry tomatos, snow peas, corn, butternut pumpkin and spinach seedlings planted. Some of the mature lettuce and spinach are still growing happily with leeks, garlic, and yes, that tall plant is giving me a serving of broad beans at least twice a week.
The days are mostly sunny and warm. Our night’s are still a bit chilly but I took the chance to plant a lot of herbs here and there in pots. Marjoram, basil, sage, thyme, rosemary, chives and more. We use a lot of herbs. Norm, when he cooks in on the BBQ or in the pizza oven. I use them when I cook in the kitchen.
Norm helped re-pot the verandah hanging plants into new and more colourful pots.

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Out of Lock-down but I’m still in the Garden.

Most things are back to fairly normal. Regional N.S.W. residents are still on alert and wearing masks away from home. I have returned to the Koala Hospital which makes a big difference to routine again.

I haven’t been in the front garden for almost 3 months. The Christmas Bushes are now re-potted.
Some trimming and dead heading been done.
I re-arranged the the gnomes and added a few small shrubs.
New solar lighting.
When I returned to the back garden, I discovered we had a visitor. As we near Spring, we’ll probably see more of these neighbours.

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First day in Lock-down at Home.

We are finally home. Over the next two weeks of lock-down and at least 2 more negative Covid tests we’ll have plenty to keep us busy in the back garden and indoors. The fish pond was my first project.

Before: Where’s Nemo?
After: and Nemo is still alive. Thanks to my neighbour who fed him while we were in lock-down in Sydney.

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Autumn almost over…

Here it is almost the end of Autumn and the garden is still flourishing. The Poinciana and Frangipani have only just begun to loose their leaves but with shadows creeping over the garden earlier every day, they’ll be bare soon enough.

We’re still harvesting the early 2020 spinach and cherry tomatos are having a final spurt of flowers. Cucumber, lettuce and small capsicums will probably die off once the winter claims all sun from the back yard. I’m looking forward to June to prepare the soil again for new seedlings.

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After the Rain

Our drainage problem last year has certainly been fixed.
No more sinking ankle deep in mud and slush.
Everything is green and flourishing.
Changes here and there. Finding just the right spot in the garden for this and that.
Our latest addition to a plain corner.
I love the sound of running water.
A few empty pots ready for an Autumn annual or two..
A view from the BBQ area
and one from the corner seat.
Something in every nook and cranny to make it just right.
We finally found a water feature that’s different and doesn’t feel over whelming. Do you like it?

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