There’s Nothing Like Fresh Greens

Growing vegetables in pots and tubs is not so bad when they grow like this. To be able to move the pots around also helps to work out the best place to create the permanent vegetable garden come Spring. There’s a lot of shade in the back yard this time of year and we want to grow vegetables in all seasons.

I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


More Garden Creations.

Until garden stores and nurseries are back to full business, small tidy ups and finding temporary homes for my potted plants, is as much as we can do for now.

We finished off the seating corner for now. I’m hoping to place a Narnia lamp post between the arch seat and the garden shed. Perhaps once the 3 native bottle brush grow a bit taller, they’ll be seen behind the seat cushions.


Extra pebbled areas where we constantly walk is definitely helping the warn patches of the lawn.


Lawn still recovering.


mmmm….I think a nice garden statue would look good here at the bottom of the back steps. Another trip to a nursery once lock down has lifted completely.


I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


A Touch of Autumn Colour

These photos were taken in our little front garden which was partly there, without any commonsense or plan, when we moved into our new home in December. With a bit of rearranging here and there, adding some cottage garden seedlings, using grey water and buckets throughout summer’s drought water restrictions, the garden is coming alive.

I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


A Garden Corner Transformed

This area was all lawn before we started.


With most garden stores closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it’s taken some constant changes and imagination to get the main corner garden acceptable .


With the fish pond.


Windmill purchased via the internet. It was actually better than we thought it would be.


Some creative colour while waiting for the native seeds to grow.

My fairy garden will have to wait until life is back to some sort of normality. My stored gnomes though have found a new home.


And at night, it’s not a bad job done by a couple of oldies in lock-down.


I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


An abrupt end to a great idea.

Oops! That pipe wasn’t on the plumbing plans.
oopsDrainage completed with a big change in plans.

With that pipe under there we couldn’t put in a concrete slab. This was going to be my garden work area…

Prep Rocky 2

As usual, I pointed and Norm dug and shoveled.

Rocky & seat

Quick thinking and a change of plans.

Rocky 1

It’s now our little sitting corner.

Seat corner

I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


Growing things from seeds, seedlings and cuttings.

There’s not much room but it’s just enough to start propagating. We have a few mature plants but I love watching plants grow from seeds, seedlings or even cuttings. Everything from succulents to ferns. Herbs and vegetables… although we’re limited of how much space but it’s a start.




Mixed lettuce (the pot in background has spinach seeds in it)


I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


What’s wrong with my staghorn?

I bought this about a month ago online from our favourite nursery not far from home. We used the click and collect option. The stag was all green with just a fine outline of the lower part in a brown tinge when we mounted it to the fence. It could be the cooler Autumn weather we’re experiencing but it also could be just early days of the relocation. Any ideas? Derrick? other’s? Anyone? Don’t forget this is Australia.Staghorn April 20

I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace