There’s Nought to Fear

Some things don’t feel right.
Unpleasant confrontations generate a mood of sadness.
Shivers torment already traumatised nerves,
like finger nails dragged across a blackboard.
Yet, there’s nought to fear.

Some things are not right.
Hostility clutches hold with naive dishonesties
and confusion creeps in with unsuspected lies.
Cold fingers of fear grip with malicious rumours.
Yet, there’s nought to fear.

Some things are never right.
Malice and corruption run amok in a violated world
with greed and self-absorption taking hold.
Unpredicted anguish and hearts full of darkness.
Yet, there’s nought to fear.

Some things can be made right.
Terrors of the night flee with the promise of the sunrise.
Integrity re-established to transform thoughts
to benefit the practise of honest, uncorrupted lives.
Yes, there’s nought to fear.

© Chrissy Siggee -2019

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Poetry Mix by Chrissy at Riverside Peace

New WordPress Editor Test 2

It took an hour to set up a simple poem. Now I can’t remember what I did. Well, enjoy the poem while I have another go.

I’m Daddy’s Little Princess

I spilt my juice twice this morning,

before I went to school—

It was mother’s final warning;

I broke her golden rule.


In class I found an old crayon,

I used it on the wall.

My teacher—she did carried on;

She didn’t like my scrawl.


There’s a boy in school—he won’t share,

his name is Peter Kirk…

He scribbled a word on my chair;

he really is a jerk.


At lunch I told him he was rude,

I got blamed for that smut!

He said I had an attitude,

I kicked him in the butt.


I hid behind the toilet block,

ripped the ears off his bear,

and stayed out there ‘til two o’clock—

Call my mum—I don’t care.


At three I took a ride home on the bus

and thought about my day—

My brother made an awfulfuss,

I think I’ll run away.


Oh no! there’s Mum tapping her foot;

She’s waiting at the gate

I wonder now—should I stay put,

or take my daily fate.


But Mum, it wasn’t really me,

That’s all I can recall—

I’m Daddy’s little princess see,

and he won’t mind at all.

Chrissy Siggee

© Chrissy Siggee

Archived in Poetry Mix by Chrissy at Riverside Peace