Sunset Hues

my soul awaits the  sunset hues…

                  dawn, so long ago—

troubles of the day, be gone

                  and let me feel God’s peace,

permit the setting sun to give this body rest.


© Chrissy Siggee


From my book:     Glimpses of His Glory

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Fire in the Sky

The heavens are ablaze with orange embers
Splinters of steel-grey clouds pierce the radiance
Wisps of haze emerge like smoky smudges
Summer’s twilight heat affects the changing light
Fiery reflections shimmer against the fading hues
Like a fire in the sky, the sun melts into the horizon.

© Chrissy Siggee

Although Sunset 5 missed the publication of
Glimpses of His Glory I published it online somewhere. (can’t remember now which one but probably Cypress Times) Shortly after I was asked by a reader if they could use the poem, with my name, on a photo he was going to publish. He sent me the link later and thankfully he respectfully published that I was the author. I’m so pleased there a still honest people in the world.

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